About Us

Keyser & Mackay is a market oriented agent and distributor of chemical raw materials and equipment acting as an intermediary between customers and suppliers. With our 20 staff members based in Brussels, we represent a hundred suppliers and are active in Belgium and Luxemburg.

We serve the following industries:

*     Basic Chemicals
*     Coatings and printing inks
*     Plastics
*     Adhesives and Sealants
*     Rubber
*     Lubricants
*     Constructions
*     Food Ingredients
*     Animal Feed
*     Pharmaceuticals
*     Cosmetics 
*     Composites
*     Metaltreatment
*     Detergents


The Legal structure of Keyser & Mackay is a limited partnerschip. Keyser & Mackay is privately owned and still fully independent.

Management is represented by:

Willem Augustinus Managing Partner
Gerard de Waal Managing Partner
Joseph Naudts Sales Director
Sylvie Frys Office Manager

Sales office and warehouse

Our offices are situated at 144 Avenue Plasky, 1030 Brussels. Our products are stored in and distributed from our warehouse in Vilvoorde.


Keyser & Mackay was founded in 1894 in Amsterdam. In the starting period, the business was concentrated in the coating industry and the trade with the Dutch Indies. In 1908, a second office was opened in Rotterdam. The Amsterdam office was managed by Mr.J.I. Keyser, while the Rotterdam office was managed by Mr. A.C. Mackay. The Amsterdam office moved to its current location at Leidsegracht 19 in 1926.

In 1931, a Belgium branch was opened in Brussels being the first foreign branch of Keyser & Mackay. More foreign branches were opened in 1944 in France, 1947 in Switzerland, 1987 in Germany, 1995 in Poland and 2013 in Spain.

On the occasion of the centennial in 1994 Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands assigned to Keyser & Mackay the title: “By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands”.