SCONA® high performance modifiers

The BYK Kometra plastic modifiers of the SCONA® series have proven effective for years and are considered to be high performance modifiers with extraordinary properties.

SCONA® is the brand name of a family of chemically modified (functionalized) polymers produced using a patented process which grafts reactive monomers to free-flowing substrate polymers. The radical grafting in the solid phase following the substrate-phase polymerization process makes it possible to carry out targeted modifications on saturated polymers. Graft density, graft chain length, graft chain structure and the degree of cross-linkage can be adjusted with excellent reproducibility by selecting monomer and activation ratios over a wide range.

Specifically matched modifiers are available for the different applications and materials.

AFG’s ECR glassfiber manufacturing factory is located in the new Bahrain International Investment Park, utilizing initially 60,000m2. With 2 furnaces the annual capacity is 60.000mt.

The Factory is a state-of-art production facility in a joint venture with Glass Strand Inc., the worldwide known ECR Glass technology provider from America.

The strategic location enables fast deliveries and entails short transport routes.

AFG offers flexibility to its customers and has fully integrated operations.

The product range initially comprises the following products:


Chopped Strand Mats

Continuous Rovings


• Emulsion Bonded

• Single-End Roving

• Woven Rovings

• Powder Bonded

• Multi-End Roving

• Tapes and Bands