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Supplier name Product name Description
Abahsain Fiberglass
ECR SMC Roving Glass fiber / Reinforcing material
ECR-Glass Glass fiber / Reinforcing material
United Kingdom
Abriflo Secondary amide wax / Lubricant
Abrilube 10, 84 Ethylene-bis-stearamide wax / Lubricant
  Abrilube 77 Synthetic wax of a fatty acid amide ester / Lubricant
  Abristac Stearic acid / Spherical stearic acid powder
  Abriwax Waxblend / Defoamer, flow improver
  Abriwax 77 Waxblend / Emulsion wax
Agrigum International
United Kingdom
Arabic Gum Gum Acacia / Thickener, stabiliser, emulsifier, gelling agent
Tragacanth Gum Gum Tragacanth / Thickener, stabiliser
Cosmetic gel Cosmetic gels
Paraffin oil Paraffin oil
  Paraffin waxes Paraffin waxes
  Vaseline Petroleum jellies
Air Products
Dabco Amines and metal based catalysts/silicone surfactants / Catalysts and surfactants for P.U.
Polycat Amines based catalysts / Catalysts for P.U.
Akema Fine Chemicals
Alcloxa Aluminium Allantoinate complex / Astringent Anti irritant Skincare
Alcloxa Modified Aluminium Chlorhydrex Allantoin / Anti perspirants
  Aldioxa Aluminium salt of Allantoin / Astingent , soothing, healing , skincare
  Alglycera Allantoin Glycyrhetinic acid / Anti-inflammatory , anti-allergic, mild keratolytic activity skincare
  Allantoin ( USP,EP) Allantoin / Skin protectant
  Allantoin calcium pantothenate Allantoin calcium pantothenate / Anti-inflammatory , soothing , moisturizing , skincare
  Allantoin VC Allantoin Ascorbate / Anti-oxidant , anti-aging, bleaching , anti-irritant skincare
  Almeth Allantoin Acetyl Methionine / Anti-dandruff , anti-acne, healing , skincare
  Alpantha Allantoin Panthenol / Anti-inflammatory , soothing , moisturizing , skincare
  Alpolygal Allantoin Polygalacturonic acid / Moisturizing , smoothening, anti-irritant, skincare
  Glyoxylic acid 50 Glyoxylic acid / Hair straightening , relaxing , conditioning.
  Kem 30 Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate / Preservative
  Kem BS Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate / Preservative
  Kem DHA Benzyl alcohol , Dehydroacetic acid / Preservative
  Kem E Benzyl alcohol, Sodium Benzoate , Potassium Sorbate / Preservative
  Kem K Phenoxyethanol , Potassium Sorbate / Preservative
  Kem NK Phenoxyethanol , Sodium Benzoate , Potassium Sorbate / Preservative
  Kem PBD Phenoxyethanol , Benzoic acid, Dehydroacetic acid / Preservative
  Kem Plus (2) Phenoxyethanol , Isopropynyl Butylcarbamate / Preservative
  Kemaben Imidazolidinyl Urea , Methyl Paraben , Propylparaben / Preservative
  Kemaben 2 Diazolidinyl Urea , Methylparaben, Propylparaben / Preservative
  Kemaben 4 Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben , Propylparaben / Preservative
  Kemaben 4IB Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben , Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben / Preservative
  Kemaben 5 Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben , Propylparaben / Preservative
  Kemaben DHA Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Dehydroacetic acid / Preservative
  Kemaben M Diazolidinyl Urea , Methylparaben / Preservative
  Kemaben ME Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben / Preservative
  Kemidant DMDH Hydantoin / Preservative
  Kemidant K DMD Hydantoin , Potassium Sorbate / Preservative
  Kemidant Plus DMDH Hydantoin , Isopropynyl Butylcarbamate / Preservative
  Preservative A 15 Imidazolidinyl Urea / Preservative
  Preservative A 2 Diazolidinyl Urea / Preservative
  Stabil Phenethyl Alcohol , Caprylyl Glycol / Self Preserving Cosmetic ingredient
Akott group
Akoactive line Extracts + Actives / Actives
Supplier name Product name Description
Akott group
Akobiol Plantextracts
Akoflor Flower extracts
  Akofruit Hydrosoluble Fruitextracts
  Akomarine Sea Extracts & Complexes
  Akomilk Phytomilks
  Akomplex Cosmeceutical Plant complexes
  Akonature Ecocert Natural Plantextracts
  Akorganic Organic Officinal Plant Extracts
  Akoshine Jewellery Powders / Extracts
  Biocol Hydrocolloids / Rheology modifier suspending agent
  Geniocare Emulsifiers, Gel network structure
  Geniopearl Pearlescent delivery systems for skin
  Geniotens M Na-lauroyl lactilate+ Na-cocoyl isothionate+Lauryl glucoside / Mild surfactant
  UV sperse Ti 02 Dispersions / UV-protection
Akpa Kimya
Akcobalt Cobalt(II)Ethylhexanoate / Accelerator in curing of Unsaturated Polyester resins
Akperox Organic Peroxide / Curing agent for Unsaturated Polyester Resins
American Gilsonite Company
United States of America
ER Resin Aliphatic resin / Additive for offset inks
Gilsonite Natural bitumen Uintaite / Asphalt additive
AB 2-amino-1-butanol / Intermediate, pH neutralizer, emulsifier
AEPD 2-amino-2-ethyl-1,3-propane diol / Intermediate, corrosion inhibitor, pH buffer
  Alkaterge Oxazoline / Emulsifier
  AMP 2-amino-2 methyl-1-propanol /Emulsifier, dispersant, pH neutralizer, pH buffer
  AMPD 2-amino-2-methyl-1,3-propane diol / pH buffer, emulsifier, solubilizer
  Chainguard I -15 N-isopropylhydroxylamine (15%) / Shortstop polymerization
  Corrguard si Amino-alcohol / Staining inhibitor
  DMAMP 2-dimethylamino-2-methyl-1-propanol / Intermediate, solubilizer, emulsifier
  Hydroguard N-isopropylhydroxylamine / Oxygen scavanger
  Nikane Nitroparaffin blend / Co-solvent, wetting agent
  Nipar Nitropropane / Solvent, intermediate
  Nitroethane Nitroethane / Solvent, intermediate
  Zoldine Oxazolidines
Aptec Products
United Kingdom
Aptec FD Yarns
CruxTex Coated functional Yarns & Fabrics
  Fortitex Unidirectional Carbon fibre fabric / Reinforcement
Arakril Acrylic / Styrene Acrylic / Vinyl-Acrylic / Waterbased polymer dispersion for Coating, Adhesive and other applications
Orgasol Polyamid (PA 12) / Scratch resistance, texture effects
Rilsan Polyamid (PA 11) / Scratch resistance, texture effects
Asua AP Foam Proces aid compound / Proces aid for foamed PVC
Cores Additive blend based on Ca/Zn / Stabilizer for rigid PVC
  CZF Additive blend based on Ca/Zn / Stabilizer for flexible PVC
  Expanso AZ Azodicarbonamide compound / Blowing agent for PVC
Baerlocher France
Cerabeil Bees wax (natural/synthetique) / Binder, glossing agent, stabilizer
Cerauba Carnauba wax / Binder, glossing agent
  Cerewax Micro-crystaline wax / Binder, absorbant
  Cerilla Candelilla wax / Binder, glossing agent
  Cerozo Ozokerite / Binder, thickener, stabilizer
  Cerylene 26 Polyethylene waxes / Lubricant
  Cire d'Insecte de Chine Chinese wax / Binder, glossing agent, auto-emulsionable wax
  Cire de sumac raffinee Rhus succedanea fruit wax / Binder, glossing agent
  Cire du Japon Rhus succedanea fruit wax / Binder, glossing agent
Supplier name Product name Description
Baerlocher France
Soluwax White Soluwax white / Film former, porefiller, glossing agent
Baerlocher Gmbh
Alugel Aluminium stearate / Thixotropic agent
Baerolub Polyethylene waxes / Lubricant
  Baerophob Blend of stearates / Hydrophobe for concrete
  Bebutyl Butyl fatty acid ester / Secondary plasticizer for NC paints
  Ceasit Calcium stearate / Matting agent, antisettling
  Lithiumseife Lithium stearate / Thixotropic agent
  Magnesium Stearate Magnesium stearate / Lubricating and demoulding agent
  No air liquid Silicone free deaerating agent / Deaerating agent
  Sodium stearate Sodium stearate / Lubricating and demoulding agent
  Zincum Zinc stearate / Lubricating and swelling agent
Barretts Minerals
United States of America
ABT 2500 Talc (Fine) / Antiblocking agent for plastic film
Clear-Bloc Talc / Antibloc for PE
  Flextalc Talc
  Microtalc Talc / Tableting aid, filler
Berg & Schmidt
Bergabest Cosmetical esters / Emollient
Bergacare Cosmetical esters / Emollient
  Bergacare FG 5 Ethyl hexyl palmitate -Ethyl hexyl stearate-Hydrogenated Olive oil unsaponifiables Caprylic Capric Triglycerides / Natural alternative for silicones , sensorial additive
  Bergacare SB Shea Butter / Skin Care
  Bergacare SCI Sodium cocoyl Isethionate / Mild Surfactant
  Bergalub Lubricant
  Bergasoft SCG 22 Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate / Mild Surfactant
  Sternoil HCO Hydrogenated castor oil / Thickener, moisturizer
  Sternoil RA Ricinoleic acid / Emollient
Bio Springer
Springaline Dried food yeast / Source of proteins, amino-acids, vitamins of the B group
Springarom Natural flavour / Natural flavour notes of different meat types
  Springcell Yeast cell walls / Source of beta glucans and source of fiber
  Springer 2000 Yeast extract, natural flavour / Flavour enhancer
  Springer standard Yeast extract, natural flavour / Flavour basis (broth, beef, grilled,,,)
  Super protex x Yeast extract, natural flavour / Meat flavour enhancer, substrate for industrial fermentation
Korea, North
Arbutin Arbutin / Whitening agent
Astrin-AG Rhus semialata extract / Skin tightener, hemostasis, anti-irritation
  Cell plus + Glycine soja protein / Skin protector
  Green tea Green tea extract / Anti-aging (free radical scavenger), whitening effect agent
  Portulaca extract Portulaca extract / Skin protector, calming itching, irritation
Extracto Base tocopherol natural extract (origin: soy or sunflower) / anti oxidant, natural source of Vitamine E
United Kingdom
Delaphos Zinc phosphate / Anticorrosive pigment
Glycerine Glycerine / Emollient humectant
Borax Morarji
Zinc borate BmlZB Zincborate/flameretarder
BP Belgium
Ta-33 Terephtalic acid / Intermediate
Anti Terra Formulated weeting and dispersaing additives / Dispersing additive, wetting additive
Aquacer Waterbased wax emulsion / Scratch resistance; water repellent; anti-block, Gloss, matting, barrier
  Aquaflour Waterbased wax emulsion / Matting agent
  Aquamat Waterbased wax emulsion / Matting agent
  Aquatix Wax / Orientation wax for effect pigments
  Byk Additives / Defoamers, surface additives,rheological additives,…
  Bykanol Anti gelling additive / Anti gelling additive
  Byketol Modified urea / Anti caking of pigments
  Bykjet Dispersants / Dispersant for inkjet
  Bykumen Unsaturated acidic polycarboxylic acid polyester / Wetting agent
Supplier name Product name Description
Ceracol PE wax in ethanol / Scratch resistance, slip, anti-block
Cerafak Solventased wax dispersions / Anti-settling, orientation of effect pigments
  Ceraflour Micronised wax / Matting agent, texture effects
  Ceramat Solventbased wax dispersions / Matting agent
  Cerapol PE Wax in linseed oil / Scratch resistance, anti-block
  Ceratix Wax dispersion for effect coatings
  Ceratix EVA wax dispersions / Orientation of effectpigments
  Disperbyk Wetting and dispersing additives
  Disperplast Wetting and Dispersing Additive for Color Masterbatches
  Hordamer Primary dispersions of PE / Demolding
  Lactimon Wetting and dispersing additives
  Minerpol PE wax emulsions
  Nanobyk Nano-additives / Surface additives
  Scona TPPP 2112 FA/GA PP funtionalized with maleic anhydride / dispersant for the exfoliation of nanoclays in PP
  Scona TSEB/TPPP/TSPE Copolymer functionalized with maleic anhydride / coupling agents for PA, PP, PE and glass or wood fibers
  Scona TSKD/TPPP SEBS carboxylated with maleic anhydride / adhesion modifier for TPE-S overmoulding compounds
  Scona TSPOE/TSEB/TPPP Copolymer functionalized with maleic anhydride / impact modifier for PA or PET
  Viscobyk Viscosity additives / Viscosity Depressants for PVC Plastisols
3-Chloropropionic acid 3-chloropropionic acid / Intermediate
Acethycloride Acetylchloride / Intermediate
  Ammoniumacetate Ammoniumacetate
  Camphene Camphene / Intermediate
  Depanol I Depanol I / Intermediate
  Dichloroacetic acid Dichloroacetic acid / Intermediate
  Dichloroacetyl chloride Dichloroacetyl chloride / Intermediate
  Ethyl monochloroacetate Ethyl monochloroacetate / Intermediate
  Ethyl trichloroacetate Ethyl trichloroacetate / Intermediate
  Glycolic acid Glycolic acid / pH buffer, biocide
  Isobornyl acetate Isobornyl acetate / Fragrance
  Methylmonochloroacetate Methylmonochloroacetate / Intermediate
  Methyltrichloroacetate Methyl trichloroacetate / Intermediate
  Monochloroacetamide Monochloroacetamide / Biocide
  Monochloroacetic acid Monochloroacetic acid / Intermediate
  Sodium trichloroacetate Sodium trichloroacetate / Non selective herbicide
  Sodiumacetate anhydride Sodiumacetate anhydride / pH buffer
  Sodiumacetate trihydrate Sodiumacetate Trihydrate / pH buffer
  Sodiummonochloroacetate Sodiummonochloroacetate / Intermediate
  Trichloroacetic acid Trichloroacetic acid / Intermediate
Thermax Carbon black (medium thermal black) / Functional filler, pigment
C*Maltidex Maltitol solution and powder / Sweetener
C*Sorbidex Sorbitol / intermediate, humectant
  Dextrin Dextrin (Yellow / White) / Tack improver, thickener
  Dextrose Dextrose / Sweetener, bulking agent
United Kingdom
Curran - Thix C70 Cellulose carrots
Sanacel Vegetable fibre / Binder oil and water, texturizer
Sanacel Bamboo Vegetable fiber (bamboo) / Binder oil and water, texturizer
  Technocel Cellulose fibre native / Functional filler, rheology modifier
Chance & Hunt
United Kingdom
Ceepree Blend of vitrous materials / Flame barrier
Kemamide Slip agent
Cosmezell Chia Oil / Emollient
Supplier name Product name Description
Maxi Chia Chia Seeds / source of Omega 3
Nutrazell Chia Oil / source of Omega 3
  Super Chia Chia Flour / source of Omega 3
United States of America
MCI Migrating corrosion inhibitor / Corrosion inhibitor for concrete
VpCI Volatile corrosion inhibitor
CP Kelco
United Kingdom
Aquamax Polyglutamic Acid / Skin moisturizer + skinprotection
Cekol Carboxymethylcellulose / Rheologic agent, stabilizer
  Celflow Carboxymethylcellulose / Rheologic additive, paint applications
  Cellosan Carboxymethylcellulose / Thickener in textile printing pastes
  Cellufix Carboxymethylcellulose / Thickener, binder
  Finnfix Carboxymethylcellulose / Rheologic agent, stabilizer
  Finnfix GDA & BDA Technical CMC / Antiredeposition in Laundry
  Genu beta pectin Pectin from beetroot / Emulsifier stabiliser
  Genu Fresh P-H Pectine / Skin moisturizer + regulation of skin Ph
  Genu gum Locust bean gum highly refined clear / Stabilizer, thickener
  Genu pectin x Pectin HM, LM, LMA / Gelling agent, stabilizer
  Genu texturizer Carrageenan / Gelling agent
  Genugel Carrageenan / Gelling agent
  Genulacta Carrageenan / Gelling agent, thickener, Stabilizer for dairy systems
  Genutine Carrageenan / Gelatin replacer
  Genuvisco Carrageenan iota / Thickener, stabilizer
  Kelco-vis dg Diutan Gum / Highly pseudoplastic thickener with high stability
  Kelcocrete DG Diutan Gum / Pseudoplastic agent, stabilizer
  Kelcogel Gellan gum / Stabilizer, gelling agent
  Kelgum Blend of xanthan gum, guar gum, locust bean gum / Stabilizer
  Kelgum 400 Blend of xanthan gum, guar gum and carrageenan / Stabilizer
  Keltrol Xanthan gum / Thickener, stabilizer
  Keltrol BT Xanthan gum / Thickener, stabilizer, brine tolerant
  Keltrol CGSFT Xanthan gum / Smooth flow & transparant thickener Stabilizer
  Keltrol SF Xanthan gum / Thickener, stabilizer
  Kelzan Xanthan gum / Thickener, stabilizer
  Kelzan AP Xanthan Gum / Thickener Stabilizer , Advanced Performance
  Reomaster Carboxymethylcellulose - Dispersion / Rheologic agent
  Simplesse Whey protein micronised / Fat replacer, texturiser
  Slendid X Pectine / Fat replacer, thickener, Stabilizer
  UniqSens SFE Xanthan gum,Pectin,Carrageenan / Natural Surfactant Free Emulsifier
  Xantural Xanthan gum / Thickener, stabilizer, transparent
Atpol Sulphosuccinate / Wetting agent, emulsifier
Atsurf Speciality surfactant / Emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent
  Brij 30 Series Ethoxylated Lauryl alcohol / Emulsifier, oil in water
  Brij 50 series Ethoxylated Cetyl alcohol / Emulsifier, oil in water
  Brij 70 series Ethoxylated Stearyl alcohol / Emulsifier, oil in water
  Brij 90 series Ethoxylated Oleyl alcohol / Emulsifier, oil in water
  Crodamide Oleamide, erucamide, stearamide, ethylene bisstearamide / Lubricant, antiblocking agent
  Crodamol MCT oil / Demoulding, glossing agent
  Emkapol Polyethylene glycol / Rheology control
  Etocas Speciality surfactant / Emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent
  Forestall Soyethyl morpholinium ethosulphate / Deodorizer
  Hypermer Polymeric surfactants / Emulsifier and dispersing agent
  Monateric Amphoteric surfactant / Hydrotrope
Supplier name Product name Description
Monatrope Proprietary surfactant / Hydrotrope
MYRJ Ethoxylated Stearate / Emulsifier, oil in water
  PEG Polyethylene glycol / Rheology control
  Prifer Synthetic ester / Solvent, degreaser, paintstripper
  Prifrac Pure fatty acid / Intermediate
  Priolube Glycerol monooleate / Intermediate, processing aid, lubricant
  Priplast Special polymer / Polymeric plasticizer
  Pripol Dicarboxylic dimer fatty acid / Resin modifier
  Prisorine Fatty acid ester / Emulsifier
  Span Sorbitan ester / Emulsifier water in oil
  Synperonic 10/13 series Ethoxylated synthetic C10/13-alcohol, saturated / Emulsifier, wetting agent
  Synperonic 91 series Ethoxylated synthetic - primary C9/C11 alcohol / Emulsifier, wetting agent
  Synperonic A series Ethoxylated synthetic C13/C15 alcohol, saturated / Emulsifier, wetting agent
  Synperonic L series Ethoxylated vegetable C12/C14 fatty alcohol / Emulsifier, wetting agent
  Synperonic LF/CS Ethoxylated C13/C15 alcohol, saturated / Wetting agent
  Synperonic LF/RA series Alkoxylated primary synthetic alcohol / Emulsifier, wetting agent
  Synperonic NCA series Ethoxylated alcohol / Biodegradable low-foam wetting
  Synperonic OP Ethoxylated octylphenol / Wetting agent
  Synperonic PE series EO/PO bloc copolymers / Emulsifier, foam control
  Synperonic T series Ethylene diamine EO/PO bloc copolymers / Antifoam, dispersant
  Synperonic TAE series Ethoxylated C16/C18 fatty alcohols / Surfactant
  Tween Ethoxylated sorbitan ester / Emulsifier oil in water, solubilizer
  Ukanil EO/PO hydrophobe / Defoamer
Potassium Sorbate DC Potassium sorbate, granulates / Preservative
Sorbic Acid DC Sorbic acid / Preservative
United Kingdom
Cenospheres Hollow alumino silicate spheres / Lightweight filler
Delacal Melem / Halogen free flame retardant
  Delaspheres Hollow alumino silicate spheres / Lightweight filler
  Magnesium hydroxide Magnesium hydroxide / Fireproof filler
  Magnesium oxide Magnesium oxide / Fireproof filler
Deltech Europe
United Kingdom
Deltech Resin Urethane and silicone modified alkyd resin / Binder
DLA Naturals
Spirulina Spirulina Platnesis / Food supplement
United Kingdom
Ecopoxy Epoxy resins from renewable sources
Krystal Epoxy hardeners from renewable sources
Dubar India
Dabisco Guar gum / Thickener, stabilizer.
Abalyn Methyl ester of rosin / Plasticizer, tackifier
Abitol Hydrogenated Rosin Resin /Hydroabutyl alcohol / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Cellolyn Hydrogenated Rosin Resin / Ester of hydroabutyl alcohol / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Dresinate Rosin soap / Sodium soap of tall oil / Air-entraining agent for concrete
  Dymerex Dimerized rosin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Eastman G Coupling agent for PP
  Eastoflex Amorpheous poly(alpha)olephine/ Plasticizer, tackifier
  Foral Fully Hydrogenated Rosin Resins / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Foralyn Hydrogenated Rosin Resins / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Kristalex Pure monomer hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Metalyn Ester of Rosin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Permalyn Ester of stabelized Rosin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Picco Hydrocarbon resin, aromatic / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Piccolastic Pure monomer hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Piccotac Alipahitic hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
Supplier name Product name Description
Piccotex Pure monomer hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
Plastolyn Fully hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin / Pure monomer hydrocarbon resin / Adhesive, reinforcing resin
  Poly-Pale Dimerized rosin
  Regalite fully hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Regalrez Fully hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Staybelite Hydrogenated Rosin Resins / Plasticizer, tackifier, cloudifier, weighting agent
  Tacolyn Resin dispersions / Plasticizer, tackifier
Aloxal Aluminium oxid effect pigments / Effect pigments
Aludur Aluminium pigment concentrates / Effect pigments
  Alupor Aluminium pigment pastes based on di-ethyleneglycol / Effect pigments
  Ferricon Magnetic metallic effect pigments / Effect pigments
  Gold Bronze Pigments Gold Bronze Pigments / Effect pigments
  Hydroshine Ultra brilliant effect pigment dispersions / Effect pigments
  IReflex IR - reflective pigments / Functional effect pigments
  Luxan Glass pearl flakes / Effect pigments
  Mastersafe Pigments / Effect pigments for plastics
  MetalStar Ready made inks / Effect pigmentbased ink
  Metalure PVD-pigments / Effect pigments
  Mirage Pearl pigments / Effect pigments for cometics
  Reflexal Alu pigmenten / 3D pigments for injection moulding
  Shinedecor Waterbased alu-slurries, alu pigments / Pate pigmentaire d'aluminium, système acqueux / Effect pigments
  Silverdream Aluminium pigment dispersions / Aluminium pigment dispersions for nail varnish
  Silvershine Effect pigments dispersions / Effect pigments
  Standart Gold Bronze Pigments / Powdered effect pigments
  Stapa Aluminium pigments, pellets and pastes, leafing and non-leafing. / Effectpigments
  SyMic Artificial mica pearls / Effect pigments
  Synafil Pigments with a shimmering effect / Effect pigments
  SynCrystal Pigments / Pigment with a shimmering effect
  Zinc flakes Zinc flakes / Anti-corrosion
EGE Kimya
EGEDry Prime Cobalt polymere/Metal drier within coatings
Bindzil Colloidal silica / hardness, abrasion, friction, increased hydrofilicity anti soiling
Endeka Ceramics
Zircosil Zirconiumsilicate flour / Raw material for fire resistant material
Zircosil granular Zirconsand / Raw material for fire resistant material
Alginate blends Alginate Blend / Gelling agent, stabilizer
Sodium alginate Sodium alginate / Gelling agent, stabilizer
Evonik Gorapur
Gorapur RT Wax dispersions in solvents or water / P.U. demoulding agent / Release agent
Tara Gum Tara gum / Thickener, stabiliser
E series Wax dispersions in solvents or water / Release agents for PU
Lubrolene series Wax dispersions in solvents or water / Release agents for rotational molding
  STR series Wax dispersions in solvents or water / Release agents for composites
Flint Hills
United Kingdom
PIA Isophtalic acid / Intermediate
TMA Trimelitic anhydride / Intermediate
Fuchs Lubritech
Lubrodal Lubricant based on graphite and synthetic lubricants / Lubricant
GLG Life Tech
United Kingdom
BlendSure 7,5 / Stevia Extract Stevia, blend of Rebaudioside A & Stevioside / Natural sweetener
Pure STV 97/ Stevia Extract Stevia, pure Stevioside 97 % / Natural sweetener
  Rebpure RA 95 & Rebpure RA 97/ Stevia Extract Stevia, pure Rebaudioside A 95% & 97% / Natural sweetener
Goldflam Antimony trioxide / Flame retardant
Shieldex Pigment based on ion exchange / Anticorrosive pigment
Syloid Synthetic silica gel / free flowing, anticacking agent
  Syloid MX Synthetic silica gel (new generation) / free flowing, anticacking agent
Supplier name Product name Description
Sylosiv Molecular sieve / Moisture absorption
Sylowhite Precipitated Silica/ TiO2 Extender
Hansen & Rosenthal
Pioneer Mineral Oil / Petroleum jelly
Tudalen Paraffin oil / Paraffin oil
Alunox Aluminium oxide nano powder / Chemical resistance for ceramics
Alunox suspension Nano aluminium oxide / Chemical resistance for ceramics
United Kingdom
Incorez 140 series Waterborne epoxy curing agent
Incorez W 2000 series PU/Acrylic Dispersions / Epoxy hardeners, waterbased
  Incorez W 800 series Waterborne polyurethane dispersion
  Incozol Oxazolidines
Cocoa powder Cocoa powder / Flavouring, coloring chocolate
Ineos Cereplas
Adipates Adipates / Plasticizer
Cereplas 100 XS Di-octyl-Terephthalate / Phthalate free plasticizer
  Di octyl sebacate Di octyl sebacate / Plasticizer
  Rapeseed methyl ester. Rapeseed methyl ester. / Lubricant additive
  Trimellitates Trimellitates / Plasticizer
Jingzhou Jianghan Fine Chemicals (JHSI)
JH Silanes Organo functional silane / Coupling agent, crosslinking agent, surface modifier
Joseph Storey
United Kingdom
Storflam Flame retardant
Kärntner Montan Industries
Miox Micaceous Ironoxide / Anti-corrosion pigment
Miox Micaceous Ironoxide / Functional filler for plastics, improved thermal conductivity, sound dampening
  Wollastonite Wollastonite / Micronised Wollastonite to improve anti-scratch
Aloe Gel Aloe barbadensis / Skin & hair care colloïd
Alpha Bisabolol Hydrosoluble Alpha bisabolol / Skin protector
  Cegaba Carboxyethyl aminobutyric acid / Anti-aging, antiwrinkle preparations
  Collagen Complex Collagen surfactant complex / Hair & body care, soluble collagen source
  Collagen Hyal Soluble collagen / Sodium hyaluronate complex / Skin hydratation
  Collagen Hydrolisate Hydrolized collagen / Skin, hair conditioning, protein source
  Desacol Desamido collagen / Skin protector
  Drysol Hydrolysed rice protein / Shampoo's luster elasticity
  Elastin Hydrolisate Hydrolized elastin / Skin, hair conditioning, protein source
  Glupex Native wheat protein-surfactant complex / Mild low irritating detergent
  Glusol series Hydrolyzed wheat protein / Skin, hair conditioning, film forming, protein source, moisturizing agent
  Kelifluo Perfluoropolyether emulsion
  Kelimilk Hydrolyzed milk protein / Skin conditioning, film forming agent
  Kelinol Panthenol / Skin & hair care
  Kelipro malva Hydrolysed mallow protein / Conditioner, filmformer, soothening, protection
  Kelipro urtica Hydrolysed nettle protein / Conditioner + hair strengthener
  Kelisoy Hydrolyzed soy protein / Skin protector, foambuilder
  Keliwool Hydrolized keratin / Skin, hair conditioning, protein source
  Kelyamin Wheat aminoacids & peptides / Hair care
  Leaf Proteins Hydrolyzed nettle / mallow protein / Protein source
  Maysol Hydrolyzed corn protein / Protein source
  Native Soluble Collagen Soluble collagen / Skin & hair care
  Orysol Hydrolyzed rice protein / Protein source
  Propolis extract Propolis extract / Antimicrobial
  Shea Butter Butyrospermum parkii / Natural fat source
  Sodium Hyaluronate Bio Sodium hyaluronate / Film former, moisturizing agent for skin care
  Thermal Heilmoor Clay Heilmoor clay / Face & body masks, baths. Healing & antiphlogistic properties
Keyser & Mackay
Keymac ATBC Acetyl Tributyl Citrate / Plasticizer
Esacol Rheological agent / thickener
Supplier name Product name Description
United Kingdom
Vidacare AVP VP/Hexadecene copolymer and VP/ Eicosene copolymer/Filmformers,waterresistance
Vidacare Carbomer Carbomer / Thickener stabilizer
  Vidacare Guar Cationic Guar / Conditioning thickener + foam enhancer
  Vidacare HEC HEC Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose / Thickener Stabilizer
  Vidacare PQ-10 Polyquaternium - 10 / Conditioner
  Vidacare PQ-11 Polyquaternium - 11 / Styling + Conditioning
  Vidacare PVP K -series PVP K30-K90 Powder + Aquous solution / Styling Fixation Filmformer stabilizer
  Vidacare PVP/VA -series PVP / VA polymers / Styling Fixation Filmformer stabilizer
  Vidacare SP-1 Ethyl Methoxycinnamate(Octinoxate)/UV-B Filter Suncare
  Vidacare SP-2 Ethylhexyl Dimethyl PABA ( Padimate O ) / UV-B Filter Suncare
  Vidacare SP-3 Benzophenone 3 (Oxybenzone ) / UV-B Filter Suncare
  Vidacare SP-4 Benzophenone 4 ( Sulisobenzone) / UV-B Filter Suncare
  Vidacare SP-5 Ethylhexyl salicylate (Octisalicylate) / UV-B Filter Suncare
  Vidacare SP-6 Octocrylene / UV-B Filter Suncare
  Vidacare SP-7 Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (Avobenzone) / UV-B Filter Suncare
  Vidacare VAC VA/Crotonate Copolymer/Styling agent
  Vipyclar PVPP (+ Silica Xerogel ) / Stabilizer for beverage
  VipyDone PVP and PVP VA Technical PVP ( K15-K30-K60-K80-K90) and PVP/VA / Binding Stabilizing Filmformer
United Kingdom
Agrosurf Surfactants for pesticides
Amphokem Amphoteric
  Kemsurf Anionic surfactant
  Kemtex Textile surfactants
  Lanphos Surfactant
  Lanquat CAE Quaternary ammonium / Cationic
  Lansurf Sorbitan esters / Emulsifiers
Coris Citric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids / Emulsifier
Giralec Lecithin sunflower / Emulsifier
  Lecired Lecithin (hydrolised rapeseed lecithin on wheat flour) / Emulsifier, bread and pastry improver
  Lecisol Lecithin (hydrolised sunflower lecithin on wheat flour / Emulsifier, flour conditioner
  Moglicet G Datem (liquid) sunflower based / Emulsifier, bread improver
  Neoverol Sorbitan stearate / Emulsifier
  Reliser Blend of vegetable oil and emulsifiers / Demolding agent for food
  Semilec Rapeseed lecithin / Emulsifier
  Semilec HE Lecithin (hydrolised rapeseed lecithin) / Emulsifier
  Veracet Acetylated mono-diglycerides (E 472 a) / Emulsifier, alpha tending
  Verol Emulsifier
  Verolec HE Hydrolized soja lecithin / Emulsifier, antioxidant
  Verolec non GMO IP Soya lecithin IP / Emulsifier, dietetic supplement
Switter Agave powder / fructose, inulin source
LKAB Minerals
United Kingdom
Hypercarb Magnesium carbonate / Filler
Magnif Magnetite / High density filler
  Mica Muscovite / Filler
  Microbar Bariumsulphate / Filler
  Microcarb Calcium carbonate / Filler
  Micronex Magnesiumhydroxide / Flame retardent, filler
  Ultracarb Magnesium calciumcarbonate / Filler, flame retardant, smoke suppressant
Metachem Manufacturing
Carbofoil Expandable graphite / Flame retardant
Denka Chloroprene Chloroprene / Elastomer
Denka Poval PVA
Amino Acids Amino acids / Supplement
Supplier name Product name Description
Bio Minerals Bio minerals (Iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc) / Mineral supplement
Bioflavanoids Bioflavanoids / Antioxidant
  Botanical Extracts Botanical extracts / Diverse
  Carotenoids Carotenoids / Antioxidant, provitamin, color
  Dehydrated fruits, cereals, vegetables Dehydrated fruits, cereals, vegetables / Ingredient
  Neohesperidine DC Neohesperidine DC / Sweetener
  Sucralose Sucralose / Sweetener
  Thaumatin Thaumatin / Sweetener
  Vitamins Vitamins (A, D3, Biotin, E, Folicacid, inositol) / Supplement
Bacti-block Bentonite clay modified with silver / Anti-bacterial, anti-fungicide
O2-block Bentonite clay modified with iron / Active oxigen barrier
Luminova Strontium oxide aluminate / Phosphorescent pigment / Glow-in-the-Dark
Luminova STM Strontium pigment (new generation) / Glow-in-the-Dark
Nova Nutraceutical Technologies
Fibrotec HV 591 Cellulose gel (MCC/CMC) / Stabilisor
Nubiola Pigmentos
Nubicoat Ultramarine bleue pigments / Inorganic pigments
Nubicrom Chrome oxide green,chrome yellow and orange molybdates / Inorganic pigments
  Nubifer Synthetic iron oxide / Inorganic pigments
  Nubiperf, Nubix Ultramarine Blue / Inorganic pigments
  Nubirox Non toxic anticorrosive pigments / Inorganic pigments
  Nubiterm Zincferite / Inorganic pigments
  Nubivan Bismutvanadate / Inorganic pigments
Zinc Oxide Zinc oxide
Nuplex Resins
Roskydal Unsaturated Polyester Resins
Setal Polyester polyol resin / Binder
  Setalux Acrylic polyols
  Setamine Melamine resins / Binder
  Setaqua Water based coating resins/ Binder
  Setaqua BB Copolymer Dispersions (Water-soluble Resins for Anti-Corrosion Primers, One-Coat Finishes and Adhesion Primers)
  Setaqua BE Polyester Dispersions (Water-soluble Resins for Automotive OEM Primer Surfacers and Industrial Stoving Top Coats and Primers)
  Setathane D Hydrophobic polyol (branched, castor oil-based polyol)
  Setathane DE Polyol Emulsions
  Tungophen Additive for the Enhancement of Flow Properties and Through Drying of Alkyd Coatings
exGrape Sugar Rectified grape juice concentrate / Natural sugars from grape, sweetener, bulking agent
FructiLight Fructose from fruit / Natural fructose, sweetener, bulking agent, fructose with low Glycemic Index
  FructiSweet Sugars from fruit / Natural sugars from fruit, sweetener, bulking agent
  FructiSweet Original sugars from mono fruit (peach, apple, melon)/ natural sugars from fruit, sweetener, bulking agent
Orisil Amorphous fumed silicon dioxide / Rheologic agent, free flowing agent, adsorbent, stabilisation of dispersions
Diluant P Reactive / Non-reactive diluants for Epoxy
Phenalkamine PPA Phenalkamine / Epoxy Hardner
Paltentaler Minerals
Incomp Extender of co-grinded talc and dolomite / titanium dioxide extender, anti-caking agent
Indolo Micronised dolomite / Filler with very high whiteness
  Intalc Highly pure and macro-crystalline talc / Filler for indoor and outdoor paints
  Inzeo Zeolite (hydrated aluminosilicate) / Minerals systems, house paint & plasters
PB gelatins
Cryogel Cold soluble gelatin / Gelling agent
Gelatine Gelatin / Gelling agent
  Instagel Gelatin / Instant soluble gelling agent
  Solugel Hydrolised gelatin / Protein source, binder
PCC Chemax
United States of America
Chemfac Phosphate ester / Thickener
Chemstat Antifog Antifog / Antifog for plastics
  Chemstat Antistat Amines, amides, others / Antistatic for plastics
Supplier name Product name Description
PCC Chemax
United States of America
Maxhib AB Corrosion inhibitor based on amine borate / Corrosion inhibitor
Maxhib AC Corrosion inhibitor based on carboxylated amine / Corrosion inhibitor
  Surmax Surfactant / Alkaline stable surfactant
Red lead Red lead / Anticorrosive pigment
United States of America
Ester Gum 8 BG Glycerol ester of wood rosin / Weight agent
Vinsol Pine resin derivate / Air-entraining agent for concrete
Solid Acrylic Resin Solid Acrylic Resin
GTA Triacetin / Intermediate
Process Components
United Kingdom
Butterfly Valve closing
Disc Valves flow control
  Iris Valves flow control
  Promo Flow Discharging aid
  Rotalog Fill level control
  Slide Valve Closing
Micronox Pigments Natural iron oxide and inorganic pigments :red,yellow,black,brown,marigold. Micronised and non-micronised grade / Color
Polyvae Redispersible powder
United States of America
Cobratec Benzotriazole - Tolyltriazole / Corrosion inhibitor for copper
Ralumer 11 Cationic polymer with urea-groups / Brightener galvanic baths, steel protection
  Rejex-it Denatonium benzoate / Bittering agent
  Syncal Sodium saccharine / Sweetener
SA color
Easysperse Coloring Agent / Water dispersible color
Effercol Coloring Agent / Water Dispersible color
Sabic IP
Chemical Intermediates PEI additives
Extem PEI additives
  PPO resin Additives PPO additives
  Siltem PEI additives
  Specialty Dianhydrides PEI additives
  Ultem PEI additives
Dowper MC- safe-tainer*-system Perchlorethylene stabilized / Vapour and immersion degreasing
Mecthene (R) MC Methylenechloride stabilized / Vapour and immersion degreasing
  Neu-tri E- safe-tainer*-system Trichlorethylene stabilized / Vapour and immersion degreasing
Flavours, aroma's Flavours, aroma's / Flavours, aroma's
Fragrances Fragrances / Fragrance
Seitz products Dry cleaning products / Stain removers, cleaning, dressing, waterproofing
Shandong Head
Cellulose Ether Methylcellulose / Thickener, stabilizer, thermogelling agent
Hakuenka Calcium Carbonate (Micronised) / Filler
United Kingdom
Rotor/stator homogeniser High shear mixer / Mixing, grinding, suspending, emulsifying, homogenizing, dispersing
Specialty Minerals
United Kingdom
Calofort Precipitated calcium carbonate / Functional filler, rheology modifier
Calopake Precipitated calcium carbonate / Calcium supplement, anti-acid
  Dicom L 100 Precipitated calcium carbonate / Direct compression version, free flowing
United Kingdom
PTSA-Crystals Paratoluene sulfonic acid / Reactive for organic synthesis
Straetmans High Tac
Additive Flash-rustinhibitors and organic corrosion inhibitors / Formulated inhibitors
Additive TBS Amide / Anti corrosion for Iron and steel
Sudacolor Organic pigments
Sudafast Organic pigments
  Sudaperm Organic pigments
Sudeep Pharma
Sudeep Tri basic calcium phosphate (DC)
United Kingdom
Durasol, Duratube, Duragrind Fully Formulated Metalworking Fluids
Safrabor + Borate Condensation additives for Metalworking
  Safracor + Tekcor Corrosion inhibitors for Metalworking
Supplier name Product name Description
United Kingdom
Safraester + Tekplus Performance additives for Metalworking
Saframide + Tekamide Amides for Metalworking
  Saframul Surfactants for Metalworking
  Safranate, Tekmul Multifunctional Emulsifier packages for Metalworking
  Tekcide Biocides for Metalworking
Tensagex Sodium lauryl ether sulphate / Surfactant
Tensagex ALEC Ammonium lauryl ether sulphate / Anionic surfactant
  Tensaminox AO 30 C Lauryl dimethyl amine oxide / Surfactant
  Tensaryl Alkyl benzene sulphonic acid / Surfactant
  Tensiorex Pearlising agent / Pearlising effect
  Tensomild X Sodium alkyl ether sulphosuccinate / Very mild surfactant
  Tensopol USP Sodium lauryl sulphate / Surfactant
  Tensoteric CAB Cocoamidopropyl-betaïne / Foam booster, thickener
  Tensowax Cetostearyl alcohol / Stabilizer, thickener
Thew Arnott
United Kingdom
AratTAs Polish, Varnish, Release & Coating agents.
Cimsil Sepiolite / Thixotropic agent
Pangel Bentonite, sepiolite / Thixotropic agent
  Pansil Sepiolite / Filler
  Sepiolite Sepiolite / Absorbers
Tournay Biotechnologies
Exofen Dry extract of Fenugreek
Flavogin Natural Soya Isoflavones rich in Genistin
  Hypro Wheat Proteines Hydrolysates
  Hyprofer Wheat Polypeptides / Iron / Iron Chelate
  Hypromag Wheat Polypeptides / Marine Magnesium / Magnesium Chelate
  Hyprozinc Wheat Polypeptides / zinc / Zinc Chelate
  L-5 Hydroxytryptophan L-5 Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTTP) / Vegetable extracts
  Marine Magnesium Marine Magnesium / 20 and 55% Magnesium
  Soya Isoflavones Soya Isoflavones / Extracts 5 - 10 - 30 - 50 and 80%
  Strawberry Proanthocyanidolic Oligomers Strawberry proanthocyanidolic oligomers /
  Wheat Germs Extract Vaseline / Vaseline
  Wheat Oil Wheat oil rich in ceramids /