ASTROBIO-solvents of our new supplier Liberty Chemicals.


ASTROBIO-solvents of our new supplier Liberty Chemicals.

ASTROBIO-solvents are green solvents with the following properties :

  • Based on non-hazardous raw materials
  • Based on “Sustainable Chemistry” with:
    • High biobased content (ranging from 28 to 95% depending on the type of solvent)
    • Made from biodegradable raw materials
  • No hazardous labelling and much less harmful for users

From this portfolio, we can offer green alternatives for the following solvents: Acetone, MEK, MIBK, MIAK, Cyclohexanone, Butyl acetate, dibasic esters, IPA, Benzyl alcohol, PMA, PM, DPM, Butyl glycol, NMP, NEP, D40, D60, Toluene, Xylene,…

These solvents are now successfully used in numerous applications such as paints, inks, degreasers, paint strippers,….

Overview of our ASTROBIO product Port-Folio


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