Collaboration with Nymco


Collaboration with Nymco

Keyser & Mackay France has started collaboration with Nymco, an Italian company specialized in defoamers. We are proud to highlight their new generation of high performance Green Defoamer Fluxair 85 S GR. Liquid multi-purpose defoamer : Fluxair 85 S GR is a new 100% active liquid defoamer, mineral-oil free, formulated with completely vegetal oils.

Fluxair 85 S GR is a wide-range defoamer, and it shows its effectiveness in

  • Water-based paints and coatings
  • Water-based printing inks
  • Latexes and adhesives
  • Composites

Fluxair 85 S GR is VOC-free and non-ionic, dispersible in water at 25°C, suitable for all coatings as paints, varnishes and inks to be used in indoor applications.

Finally, these ecological and safety aspects are completed by the fact that FLUXAIR 85 S GR is totally formulated with raw material included in many positive lists of materials for food contact applications (FDA).

For more details please contact Guillaume Poulain.

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