Control the temperature of your surfaces with Altiris


Control the temperature of your surfaces with Altiris

We have just had a hot summer in which we have made great use of the air conditioners. Heat is something we deal with every year and in an increasingly important way. For this reason, many buildings have traditionally been painted white. However, could we use colors by controlling heat absorption? The answer is yes. If we use Altiris .

Half of solar energy is infrared and maximizing solar reflectance is key to reducing temperature in pigmented systems.

Light is made up of three types of radiation: visible, infrared and ultraviolet, with infrared being the main cause of increased heat.

Due to its size, titanium dioxide allows the wavelengths closest to the visible spectrum to be reflected. The Altiris
functional additive , large titanium dioxide, allows to reflect mainly the infrared spectrum , which is the radiation that most influences heat, and less visible light (opacity). We have three degrees, to formulate whites, colors and blacks and reflect the appropriate part of the spectrum in each case.

Finally, what are we going to get?

  • Control of heat and reflection of infrared radiation.
  • cooler surfaces.
  • Indoor temperature control.
  • Greater durability of the exterior paint.

Where is it most useful to use Altiris? Where we need these properties, especially:

  • Exterior coatings.
  • Coil coatings.
  • marine coatings
  • automotive finishes
  • roofs
  • facades

We currently have a portable machine available that allows you to irradiate plates coated with and without Altiris to show its efficacy. If you are interested in seeing a demo, we can come to your facility with it.

Please contact us if you find it of interest.

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