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Keyser & Mackay

Your specialist in Food & Feed

Within the Keyser & Mackay Life Science division we have historical long experience in the Food and Feed industry. We serve all type of food industries like:

  • bakery,
  • beverage,
  • confectionery,
  • dairy,
  • flavors and spices,meat and fish.
  • food supplements with raw materials like:
    • amino acids,
    • anti-oxidants,
    • carbohydrates,
    • cereals,
    • emulsifiers,
    • enzymes,
    • flavours,
    • food acids,
    • hydrocolloids,
    • minerals,
    • proteins,
    • polyols,
    • sweeteners,
    • vitamins,
    • edible oils and
    • fats.

Keyser & Mackay offers a broad range of ingredients and additives with a focus on specialties adding value to the end product. With our experienced and technical educated sales team we provide not only products but also formulations, solutions and new ideas for new developments at our customers.

Keyser & Mackay has obtained the GMP + B3 certificate and will now  also service the feed industry. This GMP+ B3 certificate covers trade, collection, storage and transshipment of feed additives and feed material.


Keyser & Mackay Belgium is now a certified organic operator controlled by Certisys. This certificate covers the storage, distribution and sales of organic dried yeast, yeast extract and organic soy lecithin.

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Operational in seven countries