Heat-Stable Red Beet Natural, Animal-Free Colorant


Heat-Stable Red Beet Natural, Animal-Free Colorant

Looking for a high-quality, heat-stable red beet extract? Our Red Beet Extract, derived from Beta vulgaris L., is available in powder form and is a versatile, natural, and animal-free colorant perfect for various food products.

This natural colorant is ideal for:
– Dairy products
– Plant-based products
– Confectionery items such as biscuits, cupcakes, and pancakes
– Plant-based meat alternatives

Key Features:
Heat Stability: This extract is perfect for all heat-requiring applications, retaining its vibrant color throughout the cooking process.
Color Transformation: Due to the Betanin pigment, the extract becomes increasingly red with prolonged heat application. This feature makes it an excellent choice for plant-based burgers or meatballs, providing a pinkish hue before cooking and a brownish color after cooking, closely mimicking real meat.

– Natural and animal-free
– Suitable for a wide range of food applications
– Enhances the visual appeal of your products
– Country of origin: Turkey

For more information on how our Red Beet Extract can enhance your products, please contact us today. Enhance your food products with our high-quality, natural red beet colorant.

Origin: Turkey

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