HSE Employee Spain

Job description

Development, maintenance and implementation of quality care systems and provide for fulfillment of relevant legislation and rules.


This description targets on quality and safety management of the organization and/or product, or where appropriate, process safety.

Position within the organization

Led by the National Management Team. Independent member of management advising line functions in the company. The quality official can rely on the help of external consultants for specific knowledge.

Provides support to industry managers Food, Feed, Agribusiness, Life science.


Reports to management and takes care of internal communications regarding quality care. Maintains external contact with supervisors (government, such as feed safety authorities in the land concerned [NVWA, FAVV], certifying authorities), consultants and laboratories.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Coordinate activities in the field of quality, safety, health and environment, hence known as HSE, procedures and improvement projects.
  • Verify that agreed security procedures are observed.
  • Follow external developments and legislations (amendments and new) within the field of HSE  by means of professional organizations, customers, legislators and external advisors.
  • Provide advice and training for employees in the field of HSE
  • Maintenance of the security system
  • Formulate improvement suggestions on the basis of results from the quality system
  • Ensure that a reliable and up to date RI&E is available.
  • Collaborate with the implementation of measures according to the RI&E Management action plan
  • Maintenance and updating HACCP analysis
  • Management, maintenance and updating MSDS system
  • Performing audits
  • Maintaining contact with certifying authorities
  • Keep up with legislation and rules related to the GMP quality system
  • Feed safety policy


  • Ability to work independently
  • SAP/SBO-IT knowledge
  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Basic knowledge of chemistry
  • Knowledge of material and environmental legislations
  • Knowledge of working in accordance with GMP+/HACCP/ FSA scheme and animal feed legislation
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Knowledge of purchasing conditions, INCO-terms, clearing in warehousing, Tariff Codes, import duty, etc.
  • Knowledge of HSE rules and engagement, and of Deming’s circle, be able apply it to our own quality
  • Knowledge of security procedures with regard to KVGM and legislation
  • Knowledge of Deming’s PDCA circle  and be able apply it to our own quality system
  • Knowledge of material and environmental legislations
  • Critical and independent attitude.


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