Phosphorescent pigments (glow in the dark)


Phosphorescent pigments (glow in the dark)

The supplier of these materials is the Japanese company Nemoto, they produce a special series of LumiNova phosphorescent pigments. These pigments are based on the chemistry of strontium aluminate. They differ drastically from conventional phosphorescent pigments which are either zinc sulfide or radioisotope based for their luminous properties.

Main features of LumiNova :

  • Afterglow time ten times longer than ZnS-based phosphorescent pigments. Up to 30 hours.
  • Activation in a wide range of wavelengths (200-470nm). The best results are obtained with activation energies below 365 nm
  • Initial glow brightness up to ten times greater than current luminescent and photo-luminescent pigments
  • Increase in luminescence and afterglow with longer activation times
  • Excellent light and weather resistance
  • Safe materials for the environment and people. They do not contain radioactive substances.

Pigments are available in different colors and are widely used in industries such as paints, printing, and plastic producers.

Nemoto also offers standard phosphorescent pigments consisting of very fine crystals of zinc sulphide doped with copper.

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