New BYK additives for the paint, coatings & inks industry

DISPERBYK-2152 - Emission-free, Hyperbranched Wetting and Dispersing Additive for Solvent-free Epoxy Systems and Other Reactive Systems

To obtain excellent pigment deflocculation and stabilization, an additive with highly effective pigment affinic groups is required. These pigment affinic groups are aminic and able to react with epoxy resins. The ideal solution would be an additive with encapsulated aminic pigment affinic groups. However, creating such an additive was not possible using existing technologies. With the introduction of DISPERBYK-2151 in 2011, BYK has developed an innovative additive which combines high effectivity with stability.

Now, BYK takes it to the next level and launches the new DISPERBYK-2152 which is a 100 % additive based on the same active substance. Thus, the mechanism of DISPERBYK-2152 is analogous to that of DISPERBYK-2151. The additive contains no solvents or volatile components and fulfills the strict requirements of the German AgBB as well as French VOC standards.

DISPERBYK-2152 is recommended for industrial, wood and furniture, protective, and automotive coatings as well as for ambient curing systems and adhesives.


BYKJET-9151 - Versatile Wetting and Dispersing Additive for Aqueous, Solvent-borne, and UV Inkjet Inks

The inkjet ink market offers a wide range of systems. Each of these systems typically features very specific characteristics and therefore requires individual set-up and fine-tuning. The production conditions must be taken into consideration as well. The process of finding the right additive can involve thorough tests and evaluations, which can lead to several additives being used.

Another option would be to use a universal product which has the potential for excellent performance in a wide variety of systems.

BYKJET-9151 is the ideal option for such a scenario. With 100% active substance, BYKJET-9151 is not only impressively versatile but also provides perfect viscosity from millbase to stored inkjet ink. BYKJET-9151 performs equally well in high-quality pigment concentrates as in the finishing treatment of pigments. BYKJET-9151 is allowed for indirect food contact (“no-migration-principle”).


BYK-4509 - Adhesion Promoter for Water-borne and Solvent-borne Coatings on Metal Substrates

Adhesion promoters are part of the coating matrix. To ensure the highest level of performance, they need a strong interaction with the substrate and other coating ingredients, e.g. the resin.

The new BYK-4509, developed for water-borne systems, improves the adhesion to metallic substrates such as steel, galvanized steel, tin plate, aluminum, and also glass. As shown in the working mechanism, the additive strongly interacts with the resin and the substrate of the system resulting in improved coating adhesion. However, the additive shows no influence on other coating properties and meets the regulations for direct food contact.

BYK-4509 is the neutralized version of BYK-4510, which makes the additive suitable for both aqueous and solvent-borne systems. We recommend its usage in industrial, can and coil, and protective coatings.


BYK-4512 - Adhesion Promoter for Solvent-borne Coatings Applied on Chrome-free Metal Substrates

Adhesion promoters for metal substrates have been used for decades. In recent years, the market has shifted from chrome-VI pre-treatment and pigmented primer formulations to chrome-free systems. As a consequence, the standard adhesion promoters today show either no effectiveness or a reduced level of performance with respect to corrosion resistance and adhesion. BYK-4512 is based on a new technology and was especially developed for chrome-free metal substrates. The additive improves the adhesion as measured by the cupping test or water immersion test and also increases salt spray resistance. BYK-4512 is for general industrial and coil coating applications.


CERAFLOUR 925 - Fine Micronized Wax Additive for Water-borne and Solvent-borne Systems

CERAFLOUR 925 is based on wax alloy technology. This technology provides a synergistic effect and unites the properties of single wax additives into one particle.

CERAFLOUR 925 displays high scratch resistance and very good surface slip properties at the same time. This wax additive is suitable for solvent-borne and water-borne systems containing higher amounts of organic co-solvents, and can be applied in many applications such as can and coil, general industrial, wood and furniture coatings, and in leather finishes.


AQUAMAT 1400 – Relaunch of an Aqueous Wax Dispersion on HDPE Basis for Matting of Water-Borne Floor Polishes

AQUAMAT 1400 is a wax dispersion with coarser particles (>1µm) and is ideally suited for the matting of floor polishes. A very important benefit of AQUAMAT 1400 is the fact that the matting effect is permanent and gloss is not increased after polishing. Additionally, AQUAMAT 1400 provides a better long- term storage stability than other products used in this field of application

December 2012