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Keyser & Mackay

Your specialist in Equipment

Keyser & Mackay is an experienced agent of specialty chemicals and able to develop and offer technologically advanced solutions as well as equipment in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

In France we represent leading producers of products for process, R&D, quality control and packaging. Our range of machines are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries.

Keyser & Mackay France offers all necessary machines for the production of granules, tablets and capsules from granulation to packaging.
• Table and capsule dedusters
• Tabletting tools
• Tablet presses
• Tablet testers
• Blenders
• Containers
• Granulators
• Hoists
• Screeners
• Samplers etc.

In Germany and Belgium we also offer a large range of components for bulk solid handling such as Butterfly Valves, Slide Valves, Discharge Aids and exclusively the original Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve. In addition Germany offers Kek Centrifugal sifters (Process Components), a large range of over 1500 samplers and sampling devices (Sampling Systems) as well as moisture measurement availabale for quality control in manufacturing processes (Process Sensors).

In the Netherlands we offer a range of BYK instruments.

Our duty is to always offer the best quality of equipments and technical support to keep our reputation built on a long experience and close relationship with our customers and suppliers. Our best representatives are our customers!


Operational in seven countries

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