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Keyser & Mackay

Your specialist in Adhesives & Sealants

The European adhesive and sealant market has been growing steadily over the last years. Not only in traditional, but also in new and innovative application fields. More and more often adhesives and sealants replace other bonding technologies.

For many decades Keyser & Mackay has provided our customers in the formulating adhesive and sealant industry with selected raw materials for hot melt, water and solvent borne, reactive as well as pressure sensitive systems.

Products we offer our customers are for example:

  • adhesive additives,
  • adhesion promoters,
  • binders, intermediates,
  • plasticizers,
  • solvents,
  • synthetic rubber and
  • thermoplastic polymers.

Based on our experience and with the support of our global principle network, Keyser & Mackay distributes a wide range of raw materials: from polymers, resins and additives to fillers and specialties for various industries including packaging, hygiene, tapes and labels, construction and many more.


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