Products & Services

Supplier name Product name Description
Abahsain Fiberglass
ECR SMC Roving Glass fiber / Reinforcing material
ECR-Glass Glass fiber / Reinforcing material
Aptec Products
United Kingdom
Aptec FD Yarns
CruxTex Coated functional Yarns & Fabrics
  Fortitex Unidirectional Carbon fibre fabric / Reinforcement
Baxenden Chemtura
United Kingdom
Trixene ASF PTSA
Trixene BI Blocked Isocyanates
  Trixene SC 77.. TDI- Prepolymers
  Trixene SC 78.. MDI-Prepolymers
  Trixene SC 79.. IPDI- Prepolymers
Bollig & Kemper
Helio-Beit Pigment paste
Borax Morarji
Zinc borate BmlZB Zincborate/flameretarder
United Kingdom
Dragonkraft EP-System 1 Bisphenol- A-free EP- System 100% renewable
Abalyn Methyl ester of rosin / Plasticizer, tackifier
Abitol Hydrogenated Rosin Resin /Hydroabutyl alcohol / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Cellolyn Hydrogenated Rosin Resin / Ester of hydroabutyl alcohol / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Dresinate Rosin soap / Sodium soap of tall oil / Air-entraining agent for concrete
  Dymerex Dimerized rosin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Eastman G Coupling agent for PP
  Eastoflex Amorpheous poly(alpha)olephine/ Plasticizer, tackifier
  Foral Fully Hydrogenated Rosin Resins / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Foralyn Hydrogenated Rosin Resins / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Kristalex Pure monomer hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Metalyn Ester of Rosin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Permalyn Ester of stabelized Rosin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Picco Hydrocarbon resin, aromatic / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Piccolastic Pure monomer hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Piccotac Alipahitic hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Piccotex Pure monomer hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Plastolyn Fully hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin / Pure monomer hydrocarbon resin / Adhesive, reinforcing resin
  Regalite fully hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin / Plasticizer, tackifier
  Staybelite Hydrogenated Rosin Resins / Plasticizer, tackifier, cloudifier, weighting agent
  Tacolyn Resin dispersions / Plasticizer, tackifier
Bindzil Colloidal silica / hardness, abrasion, friction, increased hydrofilicity anti soiling
Levasil Kolloidal Silica / Additives
Shieldex Pigment based on ion exchange / Anticorrosive pigment
Syloid Synthetic silica gel / free flowing, anticacking agent
  Syloid MX Synthetic silica gel (new generation) / free flowing, anticacking agent
  Sylosiv Molecular sieve / Moisture absorption
  Sylowhite Precipitated Silica/ TiO2 Extender
United Kingdom
Incorez 140 series Waterborne epoxy curing agent
Incorez W 2000 series PU/Acrylic Dispersions / Epoxy hardeners, waterbased
  Incorez W 800 series Waterborne polyurethane dispersion
  Incozol Oxazolidines
United Kingdom
Flexisolv DBE Di-basic ester / Solvent emulsions
Flexisolv- DBE-IB Diisobutyl Esters/ Solvent VOC- free
Jingzhou Jianghan Fine Chemicals (JHSI)
JH Silanes Organo functional silane / Coupling agent, crosslinking agent, surface modifier
Carbocel Carboxymethylcellulose/ Thickeners
Defomex Defoamer
  Diacol Guar Derivatives/ Thickerners
Supplier name Product name Description
Esacol Rheological agent / thickener
Esamid starch ether / Thickener
  Lamovil PVA
  Piroflam Flamme retardants
  Reotan Dispersing Agent
  Verapon Air entraining Agent
  Viscolam Synthetic thickeners
LKAB Minerals
United Kingdom
Fordaguard Aluminium tri-hydrate / Flamme retardants
Hypercarb Magnesium carbonate / Filler
  Magnif Magnetite / High density filler
  Mica Muscovite / Filler
  Microbar Bariumsulphate / Filler
  Micronex Magnesiumhydroxide / Flame retardent, filler
  Ultracarb Magnesium calciumcarbonate / Filler, flame retardant, smoke suppressant
Michem Emulsion Wax Emulsions/Additives
Michem Flex EEA/ PU Dispersions
  Michem Gilde Wax Dispersions/ Additives
  Michem Guard Wax Dispersions/ Additives
  Michem Lube Wax Emulsions/ Additives
  Michem Prime EAA Copolymer Dispersions
  Michem Wax Wax Powder/ Additives
  Michem Wood Wax Emulsions/ Additives
Denka Chloroprene Chloroprene / Elastomer
Denka Poval PVA
Nanjing Trustchem
BZT & TT100 Benzotriazole - Tolyltriazole / Corrosion inhibitor for copper
Nubiola Pigmentos
Nubicoat Ultramarine bleue pigments / Inorganic pigments
Nubicrom Chrome oxide green,chrome yellow and orange molybdates / Inorganic pigments
  Nubifer Synthetic iron oxide / Inorganic pigments
  Nubiperf, Nubix Ultramarine Blue / Inorganic pigments
  Nubirox Non toxic anticorrosive pigments / Inorganic pigments
  Nubiterm Zincferite / Inorganic pigments
  Nubivan Bismutvanadate / Inorganic pigments
Nuplex Resins
Roskydal Unsaturated Polyester Resins
Setal Polyester polyol resin / Binder
  Setalux Acrylic polyols
  Setamine Melamine resins / Binder
  Setaqua Water based coating resins/ Binder
  Setaqua BB Copolymer Dispersions (Water-soluble Resins for Anti-Corrosion Primers, One-Coat Finishes and Adhesion Primers)
  Setaqua BE Polyester Dispersions (Water-soluble Resins for Automotive OEM Primer Surfacers and Industrial Stoving Top Coats and Primers)
  Setathane D Hydrophobic polyol (branched, castor oil-based polyol)
  Setathane DE Polyol Emulsions
  Tungophen Additive for the Enhancement of Flow Properties and Through Drying of Alkyd Coatings
Orisil Amorphous fumed silicon dioxide / Rheologic agent, free flowing agent, adsorbent, stabilisation of dispersions
Diluant P Reactive / Non-reactive diluants for Epoxy
Phenalkamine PPA Phenalkamine / Epoxy Hardner
Paltentaler Minerals
Incomp Extender of co-grinded talc and dolomite / titanium dioxide extender, anti-caking agent
Indolo Micronised dolomite / Filler with very high whiteness
  Intalc Highly pure and macro-crystalline talc / Filler for indoor and outdoor paints
  Inzeo Zeolite (hydrated aluminosilicate) / Minerals systems, house paint & plasters
PCC Chemax
United States of America
Chemfac Phosphate ester / Thickener
Supplier name Product name Description
PCC Chemax
United States of America
Chemstat Antifog Antifog / Antifog for plastics
Chemstat Antistat Amines, amides, others / Antistatic for plastics
  Maxhib AB Corrosion inhibitor based on amine borate / Corrosion inhibitor
  Maxhib AC Corrosion inhibitor based on carboxylated amine / Corrosion inhibitor
  Maxsperse Ethoxylated sorbitan ester / Dispersant for pigments in plastics
  Surmax Surfactant / Alkaline stable surfactant
Pidicryl Styrene-acrylic emulsiones, dipersing agents, acrylic-thickeners
Solid Acrylic Resin Solid Acrylic Resin
United States of America
Cobratec Benzotriazole - Tolyltriazole / Corrosion inhibitor for copper
Ralumer 11 Cationic polymer with urea-groups / Brightener galvanic baths, steel protection
  Rejex-it Denatonium benzoate / Bittering agent
  Syncal Sodium saccharine / Sweetener
Diaion/Relite Ionexchange resins
Relisorb Chromatographic resins
  Relizyme Enzyme carriers
  Sepabeads Enzyme carriers
United Kingdom
Durham Metallic Soaps/ Driers
Exkin Anti- Skinning Agent
  Nuodex Metallic Soaps/ Driers
Sabic IP
Chemical Intermediates PEI additives
Extem PEI additives
  PPO resin Additives PPO additives
  Siltem PEI additives
  Specialty Dianhydrides PEI additives
  Ultem PEI additives
Schill Seilacher
Polydis 36.. Elastomer- modified Epoxy Prepolymers
Polydis 37.. Flame retardants for Epoxy
Specialty Minerals
United Kingdom
Calofort Precipitated calcium carbonate / Functional filler, rheology modifier
Calopake Precipitated calcium carbonate / Calcium supplement, anti-acid
  Sturcal pharmaceutical Calciumcarbonate
Sudeep Pharma
Sudeep Tri basic calcium phosphate (DC)
United Kingdom
Durasol, Duratube, Duragrind Fully Formulated Metalworking Fluids
Safrabor + Borate Condensation additives for Metalworking
  Safracor + Tekcor Corrosion inhibitors for Metalworking
  Safraester + Tekplus Performance additives for Metalworking
  Saframide + Tekamide Amides for Metalworking
  Saframul Surfactants for Metalworking
  Safranate, Tekmul Multifunctional Emulsifier packages for Metalworking
  Tekcide Biocides for Metalworking
  Teklube Metal working fluid additive