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Keyser & Mackay,

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To serve the Iberian market, Keyser & Mackay opened its newest European office in Barcelona in 2013. An experienced, technically qualified and motivated team offers our customers a range of products, services and solutions for their formulating needs.

Transparency and a strong partnership distinguishes our relationship with our principals. As intermediaries between our principals and our customers we actively promote join visits to stablish direct contact, maximizing the information flow. Keyser & Mackay also cooperates as a nexus point between suppliers and customers in specific product developments, or even work with them in technical articles published in relevant technical journals.

As part of our philosophy, we offer technical assistance to customers where needed. Furthermore, we can design and coordinate the production and packaging processes of finished formulations based on our products, looking for the right industrial partner for each step.

Additionally, we can set up materials in consignment stock following customer needs.

As an active player in the industry, Keyser & Mackay frequently attends international and national trade shows and seminars, also taking part as exhibitor or speaker. We are also part of national associations dedicated to each of the served industries.

In summary, we focus our activity in giving solutions to the formulating industry, apart from products or services.

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Eduardo Vallvé
Keyser & Mackay
C/ Pau Claris, 99-101
Escalera 2, 1º 1ª

+34 93 1593834