Biodegradable Glitter


Biodegradable Glitter

Ronald Britton is excited to announce the launch of its Bio-glitter® range. Most commercially available glitters are based on PET film and have minimal biodegradability. Bio-glitter® is based on a biodegradable film that is certified compostable.

The biodegradable element of the glitter is derived from sustainable sources, does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms.

Bio-glitter® can be produced as a cosmetic approved glitter, Cosmetic Bio-glitter®, incorporating pigments that meet the requirements of EC Regulation 1223/2009 for applications in the Cosmetic industry.

Bio-glitter® offers the same precision cut and highly reflective properties as a conventional PET glitter.

Features & Benefits Summary:

Biodegradable base film:
Certified as industrially compostable
OK Compost Home certified
Suitable for anaerobic digestion
Marine and waste water biodegradable
Renewable sourced raw materials
Non GM ingredients
Highly reflective and precision cut glitter
Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, including confetti and shapes
Suited for use in dry, water-based and oil-based applications*
Cosmetic version satisfies the requirements of EC Regulation 1223/2009
Please contact our sales support team for further information.

*Given the many possible uses and formulations incorporating glitters, it is the responsibility of the buyer to test performance in application before final use.

For more information please contact Chafia Bennaceur.

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