Biospringer and vegan food products


Biospringer and vegan food products

The demand for vegan food is growing fast. However, formulating vegan products is sometimes a challenge, in terms of taste or texture. Biospringer‘s meat-free, natural, yeast products* are suited to develop vegan recipes.

Homemade Quinoa Tofu Bowl with Roasted Veggies and Herbs

They can:
– provide meaty flavor from boiled to roasted and from white to red meat,
– bring out various tastes used to flavor vegan food products (tomato, mushroom, herbs, etc.),
– bring kokumi to offer a rich taste and mouthfulness,
– bring umami to develop a fuller taste and mask the off-flavors often present in vegetable proteins: green or herbal, metallic, “cardboard” notes,
– help maintain a good food texture, as some of them also have texturizing properties, in addition to flavoring properties.
*yeast extracts, inactive dried yeasts, autolyzed dried yeasts, yeast-based flavors,

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