BYK-3760 – New Surface Additive


BYK-3760 – New Surface Additive

BYK-3760 is a unique, highly active polyether-modified polysiloxane which reduces the surface tension significantly. As a result of its low tendency to stabilize foam, BYK-3760 can also be used in applications that involve high shear forces. The additive remains fully effective, even at a very low dosage.At the same time, its outstanding compatibility means that it can be used in a wide variety of resin systems.

BYK-3760 is the first representative of a series of new silicone additives that run through an additional production step in which virtually all cyclic siloxanes are removed (D4–D6).

As a result, BYK-3760 corresponds to the latest requirements of common ecolabels such as EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, Blauer Engel (Blue Angel), as well as the specifications for use in food contact applications.

BYK-3760 has 100% active substance and is recommended for general industrial, wood and furniture, can, architectural, and protective coatings as well as printing inks.

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