BYK New Micronized Wax Additive: Ceraflour 927


BYK New Micronized Wax Additive: Ceraflour 927

Improved Mechanical Properties in Water-borne Systems. Wax additives are added to coatings to provide them with a matt appearance and to improve their mechanical properties (primarily scratch and abrasion resistance) and their resistance to water or chemicals.

As a result of their chemical composition, the majority of powdered wax additives require an increased dispersion effort to achieve optimum effectiveness when incorporated into aqueous systems, particularly if no organic co-solvents are added.

Ceraflour 927 has been developed specifically for use in aqueous systems and is characterized by being easy to incorporate. The wax distributes well in the coating system even without the addition of co-solvents and remains well distributed which results in excellent storage stability.

Ceraflour 927 Benefits:

  • Perfectly adapted to water-borne systems
  • Easily dispersible, even if the system is co-solvent-free
  • Only low shear forces for incorporation needed
  • Long-term storage stability without syneresis or sedimentation in the final system
  • Improvement of scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Enhanced water resistance
  • Good matting effect through excellent orientation
  • No or low foam stabilization
  • No negative influence on the recoatability
  • Post addition possible
  • Formaldehyde-free.


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