A range of cold soluble gelatines which offer you more flexibility and savings in your production process. CRYOGEL® and INSTAGEL® are multifunctional gelatines, which can be used cold and hot. They offer interesting advantages compared to the traditional gelatine in powder or leaf form. They do not only offer flexibility in use and applications, they also save time, energy and other costs.

To dissolve CRYOGEL® and INSTAGEL® no heating is needed. Dispersion at high speed is enough to dissolve these products and jellification will take place after a short while. This does  not only mean that you save time during the preparation but also the shorter jellification period will save you time.

In comparison to regular gelatine in powder or leaf form, which has to be dissolved in warm water or warm milk,  INSTAGEL®, which has to be dissolved during one minute by mixing at high speed at room temperature, offers a time saving of 2 hours until the end product is jellified. This means that a PANNA COTTA produced with INSTAGEL®  is ready to be consumed after one hour in the refrigeration. For a production with traditional gelatine you will need 3 hours for jellification in the refrigeration.

CRYOGEL®  offers the same advantages as INSTAGEL® but needs to be premixed with other ingredients to make it easy to disperse. This product has been specially developed for the producers of mixes.

Both products are clean label, free of E numbers, natural and available in pork or beef quality. Not only energy and time saving are the advantages,  but also if you are working with ingredients or in an environment which do not allow to be heated these types of gelatine are the right choice.

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