Having problems with compressing your powders?


Having problems with compressing your powders?

In the OSD, the tablet remains one of the most preferred and widely used methods of drug delivery for its convenience and flexibility.
However, powder compression is not without its difficulties, and one hurdle that often plagues the industry is the problem of stickiness, which affects production and eventually product quality in various ways.

Difficulties in compressing powder can arise in a number of ways:
✖ Die wall friction
✖ Punch face sticking
✖ High ejection force
These process defects result in poor product quality, typically capping.

Internal vs. External Lubrication
The addition of lubricant has been found to be an effective means to solve sticking problems, mainly with two different approaches: internal and external lubrication.

Better Process, Better Quality

According to scientific literature, external tablet lubrication is generally preferred over internal lubrication for process and product quality purposes.By continuously spraying lubricant onto tablet punches and dies, our external tablet press lubrication tool gets rid of all the process defects. The iSpray allows to run continuously:
V Without untimely cleaning interruptions
V At high-speed
V With longer lifetime for press tools

Discover more

To demonstrate how our external lubrication solution positively impacts the tablet manufacturing process, we conducted tests with the iSpray, and evidence speaks for itself…
To get full access to our study test results, download the White Paper.

About Pharma Technology
Pharma Technology is a global leader in OSD peripheral equipment. We offer solutions to improve process and quality in tablet and capsule manufacturing through dedusting, polishing, IPC testing, sorting, external lubrication, and quality inspection. Our mission is to help manufacturers progress by developing advanced and innovative technologies.

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