Ferro Cool Colors


Ferro Cool Colors

Asphalt driveways, shingled roofs and black cars have something in common: out in the sun they are quite hot, because dark colours absorb a big quantity of the infrared radiation of the sun. A lot of energy is needed in cooling houses and cars, but there is a growing interest in energy saving and in economically preferred products. How can we solve this dilemma? The solution is Cool Color pigments!

Cool Color pigments, a development by Ferro, stay much cooler in the sunlight. They offer you a great possibility to decrease the undesirable absorption in the IR region. Ferro Cool Color pigments reflect the infrared light to a big extend, while still appearing as intensely coloured as comparable conventional pigments.

So cool does not mean “white”! Certainly objects coloured white have a high reflectivity of sunlight, but modern design requires colours, incluiding very dark shades.

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