We like to introduce our supplier PB Gelatins and focus on their assortment collagen peptides which they introduced on the market with the brand name SOLUGEL®. PB Gelatins / PB Leiner is a well established and renowned gelatin producer whose origins date back to more than a century ago. PB Gelatins is a division of Tessenderlo Group. PB produces a complete range of high quality acid and alkaline type gelatins and hydrolysates used in major food, pharmaceutical, health & nutrition, photographic and technical applications. Operating from ISO and HACCP certified factories, PB produces gelatins according to the specific requirements of its customers while complying  with the national and international regulations.

SOLUGEL®, PB’s collagen peptides, can help provide the nutraceutical and/or functional properties necessary to create new, innovative and healthy food products. The low molecular weight of the SOLUGEL® collagen peptides makes them easy to digest and quick to absorb by the body. SOLUGEL® is a valuable source of amino acids, essential to the performance of active adults.


SOLUGEL® collagen peptides are particularly applied in nutritional products and drinks and dietary supplements. They are easily absorbed by the body, have utmost interesting health effects and fit perfectly in:
• the health & wellness trend (muscle building- joint protection- weight management);
• the beauty from within trend (have a positive effect on skin elasticity);
• the challenges of the ageing population: reduce pain in arthritis cure, slow down the osteoporosis process and maintain healthy joints.

All our SOLUGEL® collagen peptides are:
• natural and healthy products;
• neutral in flavour/odour;
• non-allergenic;
• clear in solution, and the clarity in water is not affected by pH, temperature or the presence of salts;
• low in viscosity even at high concentration;
• non-gelling;
• cost efficient.

SOLUGEL® collagen peptides have an appealing nutritional profile:
• free from fat and cholesterol;
• free from sugar;
• free from additives and preservatives;
• free from gluten.

All powder SOLUGEL® collagen peptides are:
• high in protein (>97% on d.s.);
• not hygroscopic;
• soluble in cold water.

Please find enclosed brochures with information concerning SOLUGEL® in relation to the trends healthbeauty and healthy aging

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