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Keyser & Mackay

Your specialist in Foundry

One of the major manufacturing technique used in industry is metal casting. Melting and pouring of molten metals into molds makes it possible that metal parts of desired shapes, sizes and compositions can be formed. Usually, aluminium and cast iron are used in the foundry industry. However, other metals like steel, magnesium, zinc, brass or bronze are also processed. Linings for furnaces, kilns, reactors as well as molds for casting glass and metals are made from refractory materials which are chemically and physically stable at high temperatures.

Keyser & Mackay can supply foundry and refractory industries with a range of raw materials and additives like:

  • colloidal silica,
  • insulating graphite,
  • mica,
  • wollastonite
  • zinc,
  • zirconia sand.

Operational in seven countries

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