DISPERBYK 2080 and 2081


DISPERBYK 2080 and 2081

Wetting and Dispersing Additives for Aqueous Systems with No Negative Impact on Water, Corrosion and Stain Resistance

Wetting and dispersing additives for aqueous coating systems always possess a certain hydrophilic character. Essentially, they are needed to wet, disperse and stabilize pigments and fillers. However, the hydrophilic structure of the additives also continues to have an impact in the cured coating film. This may cause key film properties such as water, corrosion and stain resistance to be impaired.

DISPERBYK-2080 and DISPERBYK-2081 are customized additives based on a novel chemical structure. They offer good viscosity reduction and deflocculation, especially of inorganic pigments, fillers and anti-corrosive pigments, without impairing the specified properties. The additives are particularly suited to aqueous anti-corrosive primers, direct to metal systems, and aqueous wood and furniture coatings.


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