SYLOWHITE™ SM 405 Titanium Dioxide Extender


SYLOWHITE™ SM 405 Titanium Dioxide Extender

SYLOWHITE™ SM 405 is a precipitated amorphous sodium aluminium silicate with a very fine particle size and appearing as a white free flowing powder. Due to its performance benefits, it is widely used in different coatings applications. Up to 30 % of titanium dioxide can be replaced by Sylowhite SM405.

SYLOWHITE™ SM 405 has a high level of purity, which results in minimum effects on colour and enhances brightness properties. Its controlled particle size distribution and pore structure result in an extremely cost effective titanium dioxide extender. SYLOWHITE™ SM 405 causes a more homogeneous distribution of titanium dioxide particles and reduces the specific gravity of the paint:

 Good optical properties

  •  Improved opacity when replacing the titanium dioxide
  • Improved whiteness and less yellowing of the paint

Improved rheological properties

  • Excellent dispersion in the paint
  • Constant viscosity of the paint during storage
  • Enhanced stability due to less settling of the paint

Improved application properties

  • Excellent application properties
  • Excellent wash and scrub resistance
  • Excellent weathering properties – less dirt pick-up

Typical application areas for SYLOWHITE™ SM 405 are:

  • High quality waterborne (exterior and interior) trade and DIY paints
  • High quality solvent borne trade and DIY paints
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Printing Inks

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