Collaboration with Chan Sieh Enterprises Group (CSE)


Collaboration with Chan Sieh Enterprises Group (CSE)

Keyser & Mackay Poland is proud to announce its exciting collaboration with Chan Sieh Enterprises Group (CSE) – the ultimate supplier of premium solid thermoplastic acrylic resins for industrial and decorative paints and coatings. Moreover, CSE also brings you an impressive lineup of top-notch polyester resins for powder coatings.

This his partnership opens up a world of possibilities for our clients. Now, sourcing high-quality ingredients for your paints and coatings just got easier than ever before. With CSE’s extensive product portfolio, you’ll have access to an unmatched range of options, tailored to meet your every need.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity! Join forces with Keyser & Mackay Poland and unlock a universe of possibilities for your business.

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