Collaboration with Lanxess


Collaboration with Lanxess

Keyser & Mackay Spain is happy to announce the recent collaboration with LANXESS, as distributor of their specialty products for the Spanish cosmetic market.

Lanxess is a leading specialty chemicals company, with 54 production sites worldwide.

Lanxess is a well know supplier of high purity ingredients for Personal Care, such as specialty preservatives, actives (such as glucan and the insect repellent Icaridin), antioxidants, isoparaffins, Zinc Oxide, Titanium dioxide, solvents (such as isododecane), emollients and fragance ingredients.Lanxess offers three main ranges of products

  • PUROLAN ® range (High purity ingredients):
    • PUROLAN ® isoparaffins: suitable as safe and skin-friendly solvents for color cosmetics, skin care and nail care
    • PUROLAN ® Glucan: powerful anti-aging active
    • PUROLAN ® diols: humectants, solvents and spreading agents
    • PUROLAN ® BHT: effective antioxidant to stabilize oils and fats
    • PUROLAN ® ZnO: sunscreen physical filter, excellent against UVA radiation
    • PUROLAN ® E171: high purity white pigment titanium dioxide
  • SOLBROL ® range
    • Full range of cosmetic preservatives
  • SALTIDIN ® : skin-friendly active for insect repellents.

For more information about these products please contact Ms. Maria Minguet.




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