Collaboration with Synres in Portugal


Collaboration with Synres in Portugal

Since October 1, 2022 we are the official distributor of Synres resins in Portugal. In July 2021 we already started collaborating in several of the countries where we operate (Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany) and now we are increasing our collaboration.
Synres is founded in 1947 in Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands.

They offer a wide range of solvent-based alkyd and acrylic resins:
• Alkyd resins. Urakyd and Urathix grades
o Drying and non-drying
o Cut chain
o Aliphatic and aromatic modified with NCO
o Modified with phenols
o Thixotropic modified with polyamides
o Thixotropic modified with polyureas
o Modified with silicones
o High solids
o Special references with a low carbon footprint
• Resins in oil. Grades Urakyd O and Urathix
• Acrylic resins. Uracron grades
o 1K
o 2K
o Self-crosslinking
o Bakeable
o Thixotropic based on polyureas
• Additives. Urad degrees

The fields of application are several, mainly:
• Decorative painting
• Industrial wood
• Protective and marine coatings
• Automotive: refinish
• ACE. Painted machinery for agriculture, construction and earthmoving

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