VB Techno: new principal for Keyser & Mackay


VB Techno: new principal for Keyser & Mackay

VB Techno appointed Keyser & Mackay in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Poland for their barium and zinc based functional fillers. VB Techno is a Swiss-based company, founded in 2010 and they exploit mines and production facilities in China. The functional fillers and pigments are used in a.o. coatings & inks, plastics, rubber, masterbatches and pharmaceutical applications.

Key products:

Bianco Fisso             : precipitated barium sulphates and micronised ultra-white barite (natural barium sulphates)

Lithopone                 : ZnS + BaSO4 based pigments

Zinc phosphate        : pigment for anti-corrosive applications

VB Techno and Keyser & Mackay look forward to supporting our customers with joint forces!

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