Xyntra introduces its new Inverse Thickener – Xynpol AX216R


Xyntra introduces its new Inverse Thickener – Xynpol AX216R

Xynpol AX216R is a multifunctional inverse emulsion thickener suitable for a wide range of water based formulations.
Properties and Applications
Xynpol AX216R is already in solution and pre-neutralized. Thickening is very rapid in water based systems without need for additional alkali or surfactants.
Xynpol AX216R produces formulations with extremely ‘short’ flow characteristics and shear-thinning rheology suitable for screen printing and inkjet printing processes.

Applications include:
• Textile, wood, metal printing inks
• Packaging adhesives
• Paper coating formulations
• Surface coatings

Xynpol AX216R
Xynpol AX216R is supplied as a free flowing, creamy liquid which can easily be pumped and metered when kept away from water.
Addition can be made direct to formulations provide stirring is adequate for rapid homogenous mixing, to avoid localized thickening. Alternatively, an aqueous stock solution can be prepared.

Xynpol AX216R is effective over wide pH range – typically pH 6-12.

Typical addition levels of Xynpol AX216R are 0.1-3% (on total formulation), however optimal levels need to be determined by trials on specific formulations.

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