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Health&Beauty Solution new partner for Keyser & Mackay Polska.

Health&Beauty Solution is a brand of Mineralstech, leading supplier of active delivery systems used to enhance topical skin care formulations and mineral-based rheology modifiers. This world-acclaimed manufacturer offers the following brands: MAGNABRITE®, VOLCLAY®, POLARGEL®.

Hi-Tech inspection machines

The new Process development, Process Control, Quality Inspection division of PharmaTechnology offers Hi-Tech inspection machines. This new range of equipment incorporates sophisticated technology that simplifies Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Quality by Design (QbD), Real-Time Decision (RTD) and Real-Time Release (RTR) into your process. Visual inspection system for tablets – TVIS-NSR Prediction of the fraction (%) […]

Keyser & Mackay has recently acquired the shares of Essence Sp. z o.o.

Keyser & Mackay CV has recently acquired the shares of Essence Sp. z o.o., a leading distributor of natural food and feed ingredients. This strategic move strengthens our position in the food raw materials sector. With this acquisition, Keyser & Mackay aims to enhance the food and feed industries in Poland and Eastern Europe. Essence […]

Collaboration with Chan Sieh Enterprises Group (CSE)

Keyser & Mackay Poland is proud to announce its exciting collaboration with Chan Sieh Enterprises Group (CSE) – the ultimate supplier of premium solid thermoplastic acrylic resins for industrial and decorative paints and coatings. Moreover, CSE also brings you an impressive lineup of top-notch polyester resins for powder coatings. This his partnership opens up a […]

BGT new exclusive supplier for Spain & Portugal

K&M signed an exclusivity contract for Spain & Portugal with BGT, an USA ingredients manufacturing company, to distribute their patented new generation of anti-ageing peptides. The range contains new generation peptides, conventional peptides, as well as functional emollients & esters with added value for cosmetics applications.  

K&M started a cooperation with Eurogum in Spain 

We are glad to let you know we are cooperating with Eurogum in Spain. We can offer their whole range of products. They have a complete portfolio of carrageenans, alginates and blends for many different applications in food industry: Meat, Bakery, Dairy…

K&M represents the natural colours from Döhler.

We are happy to announce that we now represent the broad portfolio of natural colours from Döhler. We can offer you colouring concentrates, natural colours and also a natural alternative to Titanium dioxide. With the natural colours of Döhler we offer solutions for nearly all colouring applications in the food industry; as  well in beverages, […]

European Coatings Show 2023

Meeting point for the Coating and Paint Industry The European Coatings Show plus Adhesives, Sealants, Construction Chemicals is the leading exhibition for the international coating and paint industry every two years. Meet us in Hall 1, booth 1 – 200 28 – 30 March, Nuremberg, Germany

Road show with PharmaTechnology

For our last Road show with PharmaTechnology, the truck headed out on the road for a pharma tour in France for two weeks, with on board: – The #iSort : our tablet sorting device to improve your packaging line efficiency. – The #iSeries : our innovative dust-tight tablet deduster combined with metal detector. Click this Linkedin link to see […]

ASTROBIO-solvents of our new supplier Liberty Chemicals.

ASTROBIO-solvents are green solvents with the following properties : Based on non-hazardous raw materials Based on “Sustainable Chemistry” with: High biobased content (ranging from 28 to 95% depending on the type of solvent) Made from biodegradable raw materials No hazardous labelling and much less harmful for users From this portfolio, we can offer green alternatives for the following […]

Crilat 4768 – an excellent dispersion for waterproof membranes and roof coatings

We offer a complete portfolio of the Italian dispersion manufacturer Vinavil S.p.A . The styrene-acrylic dispersion in the form of Crilat 4768 as an ideal solution for both waterproof membranes and roof coatings. The basic parameters that describe this product are: • The amount of solids 50% • Low MFT of 0 ° C, so […]

Rahn webinar

Flakes on the skin or scalp are obvious signs of a disturbed skin biology and are often accompanied by unpleasant sensations such as itching and scratching. If they are not covered, they are visible to all. Reduced quality of life and self-esteem can be the consequence. Consumers have a growing awareness of skin and scalp […]

Phosphorescent pigments (glow in the dark)

The supplier of these materials is the Japanese company Nemoto, they produce a special series of LumiNova phosphorescent pigments. These pigments are based on the chemistry of strontium aluminate. They differ drastically from conventional phosphorescent pigments which are either zinc sulfide or radioisotope based for their luminous properties. Main features of LumiNova : Afterglow time ten times longer than […]

Solvent cleaning

Thanks to the development of ever newer technologies , cleaning and degreasing of metals with solvents is on the rise again .  The use of solvents in closed machines offers numerous advantages: Safe (closed system + vacuum). Energy-saving thanks to the vacuum system. Space-saving (compact machines with 1 working chamber). Efficient and fast cleaning , […]

Control the temperature of your surfaces with Altiris

We have just had a hot summer in which we have made great use of the air conditioners. Heat is something we deal with every year and in an increasingly important way. For this reason, many buildings have traditionally been painted white. However, could we use colors by controlling heat absorption? The answer is yes. If we use Altiris . Half of […]

Talc in Health Care applications         

In different Health Care applications, TALC is a widely used mineral. With euroMinerals we have a partner who is able to fulfil various regulatory requests for the pharmaceutical industry and for cosmetic application. Pharmaceuticals The intalc Pharma range complies to all EU-, US- and Japanese pharmacopeia regulations. Cosmetics The intalc Cosmetic range serves a wide […]

EuroMinerals logo

Collaboration with Synres in Portugal

Since October 1, 2022 we are the official distributor of Synres resins in Portugal. In July 2021 we already started collaborating in several of the countries where we operate (Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany) and now we are increasing our collaboration. Synres is founded in 1947 in Hoek van Holland in the […]

Introduction of our new supplier Maian

Maian offers natural substitutes / alternatives to silicone under the brand name SILIKE. At the Global Cosmetic 2019 in Paris, Maian reached the TOP 10 of most innovative products with the SILIKE 91. Important features of SILIKE products: 1) EMOLLIENCE / SOFTNESS 2) HYDRATION / EASY COMBING 3) SPREADABILITY / CONDITIONING 4) SHINE / ABSORPTION […]

Keyser & Mackay enter the UK market

Keyser & Mackay has taken the strategic decision to enter the UK market. This decision has been taken in the context of developing a stable, secure and long-term presence within the UK, focussing on chemical specialities for the coatings, sealants, adhesives and plastics sectors. This venture is being spearheaded by the newly appointed, Sales Director, […]

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Allnex virtual sustainability conference

Please find the enclosed invitation to join the Allnex upcoming virtual sustainability conference – for all nex(t) generations – October 2022. In the invitation you will find the link to register which will give you full access to their 3-days program. In case you have problems opening the attachment, please find also below the link […]

Intrafood 2022

This year we will again be present at the Intrafood with our Keyser & Mackay stand together with our principals Döhler, Biospringer, Ennolys and CABB. Visit us at booth D37, click on the invitation for free admission! Intrafood – invitation

Counting Machine for OSD Forms Charles Ischi

The professional GMP compliant counting and filling machine for tablets, capsules, dragees and other molded products in IP65 protection class. Compact table unit for daily use in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy & contract manufacturing. Often the filling and dosing by pure weighing is too imprecise to achieve consistent, optimal results. This counting system reaches almost […]

TVIS-NSR – Tablet Visual Inspection System – Viswill

The TVIS-NSR inspection machines from the Viswill company automatically inspects 360° of the product surfaces at the speed of up to 300.000 products/hour. The products are held in reproducible position by a vacuum conveying system and inspected by the cameras. The machine is operated by a user-friendly graphical interface, providing simple operation and training for […]

Technology Day

The Swiss Association of Varnish and Paint Chemists is going to have its “ 2. Technology Day” on October 13th 2022. As with the first edition of the Technology Day in 2018, the focus of the event is on the presentation of new, innovative products and technologies that the raw materials industry has to offer. […]

Signed agreement with Pflaumer Brothers Inc

We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as the European distributor of the Teraspartic® range of polyaspartic amines manufactured by Pflaumer Brothers Inc. We have signed an agreement with Pflaumer Brothers Inc to promote, sell and distribute their Teraspartic® range of polyaspartic amines within Europe. Teraspartic® polyaspartic amines are sterically hindered, secondary […]


From September 14-16, FEICA will celebrate its 50th anniversary during the annual FEICA Conference and EXPO 2022 in Hamburg ( The 47th Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium ( will take place from October 17th to 19th, 2022. The main topics this year are: “Hotmelts | hot melt adhesives | Enamel masses”. KEYSER & MACKAY is […]

JECC 2022, May 3 – 5

Find us on the KEYSER & MACKAY stand, Hall 6 Stand L77 We will be able to present our selection of JEC2022 functional raw materials to you on the themes: • increase the performance and longevity of your products with our toughening agents for epoxy/polyurethane system, our reinforcing fillers, our PU foam stabilizers, our PTFE, […]

WEBseminar Additives for thermosets

The WEB seminar will take place online on April 4 and 5, 2022 via Ms Teams. The WEBseminar uses numerous practical examples to show how to make the right choice and how to apply additives. During the various sessions, the possibilities with the product portfolio for thermosets will be presented by means of practical examples. […]

We are pleased to announce that we have established a new partnership with Doehler Group for the Benelux

Under this partnership, Keyser & Mackay will provide marketing and Sales as well as distribution and logistics for the complete product portfolio of Texturized ingredients (Fibers and Pectins). Doehler’s integrated approach and the broad product portfolio are the optimal basis for innovative and safe food & beverage applications. Both, Keyser & MacKay and Doehler are […]

We are pleased to introduce our new partner Oxypharm; specialist in surface disinfection by air (DSVA) with innovative technology.

Oxypharm offers a range of bio-pharmaceutical products that respond to the disinfection issues of our customers, particularly on transfer systems, manufacturing equipment that complies with GMP standards. With our range of machines, you are guaranteed to treat all your surfaces whatever their size, your transfer equipment whose users find it difficult to disinfect them. Automated […]

New collaboration for the Bioplastic market with AdBioplastics 

We are proud to announce our new collaboration for the Bioplastic market with AdBioplastics and their multipurpose additive for PLA compounds. ADBio PLA+ is a bio-based (>65%) thermoplastic polymeric additive that will improve several properties through a nano-structuration of the pure PLA matrix. With addition of 10-20% AdBio PLA + you can: Improve mechanical and optical properties of the virgin […]

Visit us at Eurocoat 2022

Visit us from 29-31 March, Port de Versailles, Paris, Booth 48C


If you are looking for an alternative to OEM tablet press or blister line spare parts, look no further ! Adamus, design and manufacture precision compression tools and components pharmaceutical industry over 40 year experience. Adamus is specialised in production of customised punches and dies and also many other product/services as: SPARE PARTS FOR TABLET […]

Gujarat Fluorchemicals GmbH

We are pleased to announce, Gujarat Fluorochemicals GmbH and Keyser and Mackay have entered into a strategic agreement. Keyser and Mackay is appointed as an exclusive Distributor of INOLUB™ PTFE Micropowders for all applications, except Lubricants and Greases, market in Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic. Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL) is […]

Sunflower protein

To respond to  the increasing demand for plant based proteins which are natural, neutral in taste and allergen- free we now offer Suntein™, a sunflower protein, which is obtained  by a mechanical process without any solvents or chemicals and is  produced in Europe.  Suntein™ is light in colour, gives a smooth texture with  a pleasant, […]

CU 120 from PharmaTechnology

100% CONTENT UNIFORMITY New and innovative in-line solution designed to ensure the quality of each individual tablet, by combining two main control methods: API’s fraction and weight. The CU-120 analyses individual dosage from each single tablet up to a speed of 120.000 tablets per hour. The data can be used to control an upstream process application, e. g. a […]

Visit us at Intrafood 2021

INTRAFOOD presents every two years a representative and high-quality range of ingredients to more than 1,200 food industry managers from the R&D, product development, production, purchasing and quality departments within the Benelux and northern France. The high quality seminar program, compiled by a scientific committee led by Ghent University, provides the latest insights into the most […]

SA TRENTO our new, innovative, triple layer tablet presser

We would like to introduce our innovative SA TRENTO THE NEW TRIPLE LAYER TABLET PRESSER! Sturdy, easy to use and easy to clean in the format change and above all versatile: it produces single, double, and triple tablets with different active ingredients, shapes, thickness and colours. Possibility of taking sampling tablets for checking the layers, thickness, weight and […]

new supplier PAT GROUP

We are proud to introduce our new supplier PAT GROUP, a Spanish group of pharmaceutical high quality systems for powders and tablets. This company started  20 years ago with the foundation of COMASA, conceived and created to manufacture equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic industries. A wide range of standard systems is available, from […]

Synres to choose K&M as distributor

Keyser & Mackay is proud and honored being able to announce that Synres B.V, a Dutch producer of coating resins, chose Keyser & Mackay as their distributor in the Benelux, Germany, France and Spain as of the 1st of July 2021. 

Synres chose K&M

Michelman free Webinar

Join KEYSER & MACKAY and MICHELMAN on June 9th, 11:00 – 11:30, for a free webinar on bio-based surface modifiers for coatings. As a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly materials for the industry, Michelman evaluated the performance of their waterborne bio-based surface modifiers in coatings for wood and concrete. In the webinar, Michelman will […]

K&M starts to cooperate with Rianlon

Keyser & Mackay Germany has been cooperating with the Chinese additives manufacturer Rianlon since the beginning of 2021. Founded in 1994 in Tianjin, the company is one of the world’s leading producers of antioxidants (RIANOX®), light stabilizers (RIASORB®) and U-pack® systems. In a total of 5 state-of-the-art production facilities on more than 700,000m², Rianlon produces […]

logo rianlon

Inbond TI 8P / TI 8SP, optimized to use in all plastic application    

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is used as a pigment in the production of paints and varnishes, plastics and in many other industries. With Inbond we have a cost effective extender to optimize the formulation and reducing the cost. Inbond is a composite product based on talc and titanium dioxide. In a multi-stage, special production process allows […]

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Springer Proteissimo®101 clean flavored vegan protein

Keyser & Mackay offers the first complete, clean flavored vegan protein from an environmentally friendly yeast fermentation, by Biospringer.


Certified SOLUGEL® grass-fed collagen peptides

We are pleased to announce that now we can offer you certified grass-fed collagen peptides from PB Leiner, one of the world’s leading collagen and gelatin producers. Certified SOLUGEL® grass-fed collagen peptides Third party certified grass-fed SOLUGEL® collagen peptides are PB Leiner’s  solution for pure and sustainably sourced ingredients. They are sourced from free-range, grass-fed […]

Gelatin a clean label product

Gelatin the perfect ingredient for a clean label. Click here to learn more from the GME_Infografik. For more information don’t hesitate to contact your local K&M representative.

CP Kelco Virtual Experience

“Connect with CP Kelco online” Due to the recent health crisis, exhibitions and seminars could not take place and customer visits have not always been possible. With the ambition to keep you up to date about the new developments in the market and the different new products and applications, our principal CP Kelco has created […]

SEBake Fresh 10P Ultra 

SEBake Fresh 10P Ultra  is a Next Generation  Maltogenic Amylase with a significantly improved profile over an earlier version of our freshness solution SEBake Fresh 10P. With SEBake Fresh 10P Ultra the consumer can experience a soft, tender & delicate bread and keep the bread fresher for longer. High performing solution that significantly improves softness, moistness, […]

Safe-TainerTM a closed-loop solvent delivery system

Do you want to benefit from the proven cleaning quality of solvents while ensuring worker safety, environmental protection and regulatory compliance? The unique Safe-TainerTM system might be the answer to your needs. This closed-loop solvent delivery system has been especially developed to ensure safe and sustainable transportation, storage and handling of solvents. Watch the latest […]