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đźšš We’re coming to you!

We are thrilled to announce that Pharma Technology and Keyser & Mackay are hitting the road again! Our Roadshow Truck is all set to bring the latest innovations directly to your doorstep. It is the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to experience firsthand our cutting-edge solutions through exclusive demos and to engage in one-to-one consultations […]

Having problems with compressing your powders?

In the OSD, the tablet remains one of the most preferred and widely used methods of drug delivery for its convenience and flexibility. However, powder compression is not without its difficulties, and one hurdle that often plagues the industry is the problem of stickiness, which affects production and eventually product quality in various ways. Difficulties […]

Hi-Tech inspection machines

The new Process development, Process Control, Quality Inspection division of PharmaTechnology offers Hi-Tech inspection machines. This new range of equipment incorporates sophisticated technology that simplifies Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Quality by Design (QbD), Real-Time Decision (RTD) and Real-Time Release (RTR) into your process. Visual inspection system for tablets – TVIS-NSR Prediction of the fraction (%) […]

Road show with PharmaTechnology

For our last Road show with PharmaTechnology, the truck headed out on the road for a pharma tour in France for two weeks, with on board: – The #iSort : our tablet sorting device to improve your packaging line efficiency. – The #iSeries : our innovative dust-tight tablet deduster combined with metal detector. Click this Linkedin link to see […]

Counting Machine for OSD Forms Charles Ischi

The professional GMP compliant counting and filling machine for tablets, capsules, dragees and other molded products in IP65 protection class. Compact table unit for daily use in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy & contract manufacturing. Often the filling and dosing by pure weighing is too imprecise to achieve consistent, optimal results. This counting system reaches almost […]

TVIS-NSR – Tablet Visual Inspection System – Viswill

The TVIS-NSR inspection machines from the Viswill company automatically inspects 360° of the product surfaces at the speed of up to 300.000 products/hour. The products are held in reproducible position by a vacuum conveying system and inspected by the cameras. The machine is operated by a user-friendly graphical interface, providing simple operation and training for […]

We are pleased to introduce our new partner Oxypharm; specialist in surface disinfection by air (DSVA) with innovative technology.

Oxypharm offers a range of bio-pharmaceutical products that respond to the disinfection issues of our customers, particularly on transfer systems, manufacturing equipment that complies with GMP standards. With our range of machines, you are guaranteed to treat all your surfaces whatever their size, your transfer equipment whose users find it difficult to disinfect them. Automated […]


If you are looking for an alternative to OEM tablet press or blister line spare parts, look no further ! Adamus, design and manufacture precision compression tools and components pharmaceutical industry over 40 year experience. Adamus is specialised in production of customised punches and dies and also many other product/services as: SPARE PARTS FOR TABLET […]

CU 120 from PharmaTechnology

100% CONTENT UNIFORMITY New and innovative in-line solution designed to ensure the quality of each individual tablet, by combining two main control methods: API’s fraction and weight. The CU-120 analyses individual dosage from each single tablet up to a speed of 120.000 tablets per hour. The data can be used to control an upstream process application, e. g. a […]

SA TRENTO our new, innovative, triple layer tablet presser

We would like to introduce our innovative SA TRENTO THE NEW TRIPLE LAYER TABLET PRESSER! Sturdy, easy to use and easy to clean in the format change and above all versatile: it produces single, double, and triple tablets with different active ingredients, shapes, thickness and colours. Possibility of taking sampling tablets for checking the layers, thickness, weight and […]

new supplier PAT GROUP

We are proud to introduce our new supplier PAT GROUP, a Spanish group of pharmaceutical high quality systems for powders and tablets. This company started  20 years ago with the foundation of COMASA, conceived and created to manufacture equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic industries. A wide range of standard systems is available, from […]

Engament COVID-19

Change to tip only coverage PharmaCare ECxtra & RS See ETD-84 Issue 00 PharmaCote Tip Only Coverage for more information. Please ask your technical sales manager if anything is unclear. Online Training Increase your knowledge on tablet compression with I Holland’s Online Training! Learn any time, any where, on a variety of topics. Free demo available […]

“UNIQUE” from Ronchi

We are proud to introduce our new single punch tablet press “UNIQUE” from Ronchi.


We are proud to introduce our new supplier Gecis, a French company who markets an innovative technology to count hard gelatine or soft capsules, and tablets, under the brand name Easycount. Gecis’ staff shows a strong and self-willed ability to fit to specific needs: after precise assessment of customer’s requirements, they will offer the most […]

STE Tecpharm

We are proud to introduce our new supplier STE, a Spanish manufacturer of pharmaceutical high quality systems for powders and tablets. Innovative high quality systems certified by accredited entities. Fully designed and built in Europe following regulatory requirements and pharmaceutical GMP´s.

I Holland Tool Management System

The I Holland Tool Management System is an affordable stand-alone tooling management system. It allows for proactive monitoring of tool rotations, tooling inventory and tooling maintenance and has the capability to archive tool images and drawings. IH-TMS will also keep record of tablet quantities by number of tablets, work order or batch information. The IH-TMS […]

Flame retardants

Every day in Europe there are about 12 fire victims and 120 people severely injured. The economic loss, which runs to several billion euros each year, must not be ignored either. For these reasons, fire protection, fire-proof products and thus, also flame retardants (FRs) play an important role in industry. Flame retardants (also named fire […]

XDF make better tablets

XDF (eXtended Dwell Flat) is I Holland’s innovative patented elliptical head formdesigned to increase dwell time on your existing press without the need for time consuming and expensive modifications. Designed to run on standard cams it will help you achieve higher press speeds with challenging products and formulations.

New Labline equipment available

Semi & Automatic Tablet Testing System The versatile laboratory testing devices in the P-Series offer you the latest technology, space-saving design and maximum flexibility. You can tailor the basic devices (P2, P3, P4 and P5) to your needs with the practical ‘Plug & Play’ extension modules. This allows you to upgrade the semi-automatic basic devices […]