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Lamberti offers a wide range of fully reacted polyurethane microspheres. They are available as Decosphaera (powder) suitable for solvent, water and UV 100% system and as Adimatt (water dispersion) with particle size ranging from 7 up to 30 microns. These grades are used as polymeric matting agent to enhance, scratch resistance, slip control and burnishing resistance. […]


Nature’s own fire retardant UltraCarb is a halogen free fire retardant produced from our own natural deposits containing two minerals: hydromagnesite and huntite. Depending on the application, Ultracarb is available in various particle size as well as with different finishes. UltraCarb has a unique 3-stage fire retardant mechanism. It is used in a wide range […]

Keyser & Mackay agrees on partnership for titanium dioxide

The Chinese manufacturer NanJing Titanium Dioxide Chemical and Keyser & Mackay have agreed on a partnership for titanium dioxide manufactured by the sulphate-process. Keyser & Mackay obtains the representation in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Poland. Capacity expansion in the coming years Nanjing Titanium Dioxide has a capacity of 180.000 tons per year and is […]

D&R Dispersions and Resins Sp.z o.o. Poland and K&M have agreed on a sales cooperation

Keyser & Mackay and D&R Dispersions and Resins have agreed on a sales cooperation in Germany and France. Keyser & Mackay is now expanding its portfolio for paints and varnishes in Germany and France with special alkyd resins, aqueous vinyl acetate, vinyl acrylate and styrene-acrylate dispersions as well as solvent-based acrylate binders. D&R Dispersions and […]

PB Leiner launches Textura® Tempo Ready, a new type of gelatin with unique properties

Being very easy to use, it does not require heat or high input of energy to dissolve, just add it and stir or shake. It is a clean label product without any additives, consisting of 100 % gelatin. Textura® Tempo Ready is also a good alternative for regular leaf gelatin and will reduce the preparation […]

Ennolys, presents Coco mix

Fermentation specialist, Ennolys, (Lesaffre) presents to you our new natural, aromatic and functional mix: Coco mix. It allows you to enhance taste while reducing sugar and fats.  This aromatic solution delivers gourmet notes (coconut, creamy, fresh) and intensifies the perception of sugar.  Used in many applications, (chocolate, ice creams, drinks, biscuits, dairy products), it allows you […]

Engament COVID-19

Change to tip only coverage PharmaCare ECxtra & RS See ETD-84 Issue 00 PharmaCote Tip Only Coverage for more information. Please ask your technical sales manager if anything is unclear. Online Training Increase your knowledge on tablet compression with I Holland’s Online Training! Learn any time, any where, on a variety of topics. Free demo available […]

UITSTEL Keyser & Mackay Coatings Seminar

Het nieuws omtrent de verspreiding van het Coronovirus volgt elkaar in razend tempo op, en het zal niemand ontgaan zijn welke ingrijpende maatregelen inmiddels worden genomen om het virus in te dammen. Ook KEYSER & MACKAY neemt in deze situatie haar verantwoordelijkheid en één van de maatregelen waartoe wij eerder deze week hebben besloten is […]

Keyser & Mackay and Michelman SRL extend their sales cooperation to Germany and Austria 

Keyser & Mackay now expands its portfolio for Coatings & Inks applications with water-based surface modifiers, special polyurethane dispersions, and building blocks for highly durable impregnating wood stains, from March 1st, 2020, in Germany and Austria.

Programma KEYSER & MACKAY Coatings Seminar

Het derde KEYSER & MACKAY Coatings Seminar, vindt plaats op donderdag 16 april 2020. Lezingen die u kunt verwachten op dit evenement: Sustainability@BYK (BYK) How pigments offer you color solutions & contributions to a more sustainable world (Ferro) Floored by Incorez” – From WB epoxy to self levelling SB PU 2K, Incorez binders and hardeners enable improved […]

KEYSER & MACKAY acquired all shares of Quimibios SL.

Recently, KEYSER & MACKAY acquired all shares of the Spanish specialty chemicals distributor Quimibios SL. Quimibios, seated in Barcelona,  was founded in 1992 and has a strong focus on personal care and pharma. We now also have a laboratory at our disposal, dedicated to personal care.  With this acquisition, we double our presence in Spain […]


Save the date – KEYSER & MACKAY Coatings Seminar 2020

Op donderdag 16 april 2020 organiseert KEYSER & MACKAY voor de derde maal een Coatings Seminar voor klanten in de Benelux. Op dit evenement zullen onze diverse principalen lezingen geven over nieuwe producten en ontwikkelingen rondom het thema “Sustainability.” Wij werken aan een divers programma waarin alle belangrijke grondstofgroepen voor de coatingsindustrie aan bod zullen […]


How to slow down corrosion with coatings? Barrier protection; Impermeability of the paint film, film thickness, lamellar micaceous iron oxides (MIOX®) or GRAPHENE. Sacrificial protection: Addition of a more sensitive metal to corrosion. Example: Zinc Rich Coatings (Zinc Dust). Zinc works as sacrificial anode and it is corroded instead of the steel. Inhibitive protection: Slowdown oxydo-reduction reactions, Zinc based […]

STE Techparm; stand 110 C52 hall 11.0

From 5th to 7th November STE Tecpharm is in Frankfurt, Germany, attending CPhI Worldwide and presenting its latest developments in pharmaceutical process equipment thanks to the augmented reality experience.

125th Anniversary of K&M

On September 26th, we celebrated our 125th anniversary! Take a look at this film for a short impression of our celebration!

“UNIQUE” from Ronchi

We are proud to introduce our new single punch tablet press “UNIQUE” from Ronchi. This machine is in compliance with GMP directives and with international safety standards

K 2019

In 2019 Keyser & Mackay will participate in one of the most important events for plastics. The “K” in Düsseldorf, the world’s leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry is open from 16-23 October 19. Keyser & Mackay would like to welcome you to our booth in Hall 06, Booth 6D76. We look forward to […]

FEICA and MKVS 2019

In 2019 Keyser & Mackay Germany again will participate at two important events for the adhesive & sealant industry. The annual FEICA conference and Expo will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia from September 11 – 13. For details see The 44. Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium 2019 ( under the headline “Hot Melts – […]


WISPROFLOC is the brand name of a series of natural anionic, non-ionic and cationic polymers used as flocculating agent in the purification of water. As a potato starch-based natural polymer, WISPROFLOC is biodegradable and increasingly being considered as the environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic polymers. WISPROFLOC products conform to European Standard EN 1406: Chemicals used […]

Biospringer launches Springer® Mask 101

Biospringer launches Springer® Mask 101, a natural way to neutralize off- notes in your formulated food products. Springer Mask is a natural solution, vegan suitable, produced by fermentation to neutralize off-notes. Off-notes are often the present by formulating food products with artificial or natural sweeteners or by using vegetal proteins. Springer®Mask 101 is very easy […]


With RHEOBYK-7600, BYK is offering a unique associative thickener based on a new technology. RHEOBYK-7600 leads to a considerable increase in the viscosity in the low shear range, stabilizes the viscosity when the colorant is added, and improves the colorant acceptance. The additive comes up with an excellent solution for a well-known problem! The new […]


BYK´s first polyamide-based rheology additive for aqueous systems: RHEOBYK-440. RHEOBYK-440 – Liquid, Polyamide-based Rheology Additive for Modern Aqueous Systems. Over the past years, the focus of developments in protective coatings has increasingly moved to aqueous systems based on epoxy dispersions. These coatings are highly pigmented and applied in thick layers, requiring the rheological properties to be […]


Evoxx technologies is the European Headquarter of the global enzyme manufacturer Advanced Enzymes Technologies Ltd. The company is located in Germany at the Creative Campus in Monheim / Rhine and looks back on a 12+ years old history in enzyme development and enzyme sales. In Germany as well as in the Netherlands, Keyser & Mackay […]

Ennallin Vanilla Flavors

For more information or samples please contact your local distributor Keyser & Mackay

Organic Soya and Sunflower  Lecithin

Consumer demands focus on a healthier lifestyle. As a consequence, Organic Products are becoming more and more popular and can easily be found in every supermarket. Aware of this trend and following the EU requirement that will require all ingredients in Organic Products to be organic as well, Lasenor offers organic soy, sunflower lecithin and […]

PB Gelatins/PB Leiner becomes PB Leiner

In an increasingly globalized world, we felt it pragmatic to present ourselves with one company name throughout the world. Therefore, we proudly present our new company name: PB Leiner. To accompany this, we have also freshened up our logo and defined our new baseline: The Clear Solution. This not only reflects the quality of our products, […]

BYK-1796: new defoamer for high solids and 100 % systems

In many areas, high-solid or 100 % systems are used to reduce the solvent emissions. One challenge in these systems is to release the air completely. BYK-1796 is a newly developed air release agent that guarantees fast and efficient elimination of trapped air without negative influence on optical and mechanical properties. Main application areas are PU or […]

Organic baker’s yeast products, extracts and natural flavours

Biospringer’s range of organic products includes baker’s yeast extracts and inactive dried yeasts. It has been developed in accordance with the strictest specifications and European regulations, and meets the highest standards for organic processed foods. Springer® Organic yeast extracts are perfect for providing either umami or bouillon and meaty notes. With a savoury profile, they develop […]

Biospringer and vegan food products

The demand for vegan food is growing fast. However, formulating vegan products is sometimes a challenge, in terms of taste or texture. Biospringer‘s meat-free, natural, yeast products* are suited to develop vegan recipes. They can: – provide meaty flavor from boiled to roasted and from white to red meat, – bring out various tastes used to […]


A range of cold soluble gelatines which offer you more flexibility and savings in your production process. CRYOGEL® and INSTAGEL® are multifunctional gelatines, which can be used cold and hot. They offer interesting advantages compared to the traditional gelatine in powder or leaf form. They do not only offer flexibility in use and applications, they also […]

Lasenor BK

Lasenor releases Lasenor BK, a new range of activated emulsifiers in powder form, that provides significant advantages in the production process and final characteristics of cakes and bakery products. More information and news available on and on LinkedIn: Lasenor, Food Emulsifiers. Or contact us via our website

Cosmetorium 2018

Cosmetorium 2018 will be held in Barcelona on September 26 and 27. An event created by the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SEQC) with the aim of publicizing the latest innovations, services, technology and products from leading suppliers in the cosmetics sector. The entrance is free! Visit us at STAND 267! Register to access the exhibition area […]

New BYK Instruments 2018 catalog released!

Recently, the brand new BYK Instruments catalog had been released and is available now. The catalog with well over 300 pages contains valuable information on viscosity measurements, gloss, colour and a lot more informative topics. Order your free copy at: Nico Visscher

BYK – Ceracol 605

The end use Department Special Coatings of Byk has developed a new wax additive for the improvement of surface properties in systems with low film thickness, e.g. for application can coatings: CERACOL 605 – for solvent-borne and aqueous systems with a high proportion of co-solvent. The additives is based on Carnauba wax and enable the […]

BYK Aquacer 1540

The enduse Special Coatings Department of Byk has developed a new wax additive for the improvement of surface properties in systems with low film thickness: AQUACER 1540 – for aqueous can coatings and aqueous systems with a low proportion of co-solvent The additives is based on Carnauba wax and enable the manufacture of can coatings […]

NEW: BYK-3456

BYK-3456 is a fluorine free, silicone containing additive active at the interface to the substrate ànd the surface at the same time. Special Features and Benefits: Using BYK-3456 can greatly reduce the static and dynamic surface tension, which results in a significant improvement in substrate wetting and leveling. BYK-3456 also enables difficult substrates such as wood, which […]

Genamin Gluco 50 from Clariant

This publication from Clariant describes interesting properties of a new sugar-based speciality amine. This product is a dimethyl glucamine marketed under the name “Genamin Gluco 50”. It is used as multifunctional neutralising agent without hazardous labelling and VOC/SVOC-free. Clariant Water Borne Additives

Horizon Specialities

For the Dutch, Polish and Spanish Life Science market we are pleased to introduce our new supplier Horizon Specialities. Horizon Specialities is a member of the Thew Arnott Group, a leading food ingredient distributor in the UK, and offers a full range of high quality colours, dyes, pigments and lakes for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal […]

Expressions Aromatiques

For the Dutch Food market we are pleased to introduce our new supplier Expressions Aromatiques from France. Expressions Aromatiques develops and produces natural and synthetic flavours in liquid and powder form. Also available are organic flavours. Next  to the many aromas that are available they also develop taylor made products for customers. Expressions Aromatiques is exporting to sixty […]

Kikusui at Achema 2018

Kikusui participates at ACHEMA 2018, which will be held on 11-15 June 2018. in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. You can find Kikusui in Hall 3,1A, Stand 49. KIKUSUI NEWSLETTER-ACHEMA  

STE Tecpharm S.L. with booth at Achema 2018

On June 11-15, STE Tecpharm S.L. will be present with 200m2 booth at ACHEMA2018, World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. You can find STE Tecpharm at Hall 5.1 Stand 34. If you want to arrange an interview, our Sales and Technical Departments team will be at your disposal. Contact us to […]

Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium and FEICA 2018

In 2018 Keyser & Mackay Germany again will participate at two important events for the adhesive & sealant industry. The annual FEICA conference and Expo will take place in Riga, Latvia from September 12 – 14. For details see The 43. Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium 2018 under the headline “Pressure Sensitive Adhesives” […]

Collaboration with Socri

Keyser & Mackay is very happy to announce the collaboration with Socri in the Benelux. Socri, based in Torre d’Isola in Italy, is a young company that offers natural ingredients and  solutions for personal care (cosmos certified). Beside a range of active ingredients and emulsifiers sourced from  olive and sesam oil, they also offer a natural […]

BYK Gardner Digital Viscometer

BYK Gardner has a wide selection of viscosity measurement devices available, from flow cups to rotational visco meters. To measure the absolute viscosity a rotational viscometer is used. For non-Newtonian liquids a digital viscometer that applies a precise shear rate is needed. For laboratory viscosity measurement BYK-Gardner offers a comprehensive line of rotational viscometers. The viscometer […]

Radiant Color

Our formaldehyde free GWT pigments are now available in 10 colors! Do you prefer to use pigments free of formaldehyde? Our GWT series are fluorescent pigments free of formaldehyde for water based formulations for paints, paper and textile. GWT has ten colors, including magenta. This means that the color palette is complete.

Collaboration with Graphene Production

Keyser & Mackay is pleased to announce their collaboration with Graphene Production.  Graphene is an allotrope of carbon whose structure is a single planar sheet of sp2 bonded carbon atoms that are densely in a honeycomb crystal lattice. Graphene Nanoplatelets are reduced graphene layers. Some of the characteristics of graphene: High strength, hydrophobic, hard as […]

TTC – Tennants Textile Colours

Keyser & Mackay Switzerland has started a collaboration with the British company Tennants Textile Colours. TTC is the leading UK manufacturer of a wide range of dye and pigment powder and dispersions, tailored to customers need. TTC is fully certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 which will soon become ISO 45000. The […]


We are proud to introduce our new supplier Gecis, a French company who markets an innovative technology to count hard gelatine or soft capsules, and tablets, under the brand name Easycount. Gecis’ staff shows a strong and self-willed ability to fit to specific needs: after precise assessment of customer’s requirements, they will offer the most […]


With Ennolys, a company based in the South-West in France, we are presenting a strong partner for natural aromas with vanilla flavour. Key benefits like unique taste, reducing fat & sugar as well as its natural flavour will meet the requirements of our customers in the baking-, confectionery- and dairy industry.

STE Tecpharm

We are proud to introduce our new supplier STE, a Spanish manufacturer of pharmaceutical high quality systems for powders and tablets. Innovative high quality systems certified by accredited entities. Fully designed and built in Europe following regulatory requirements and pharmaceutical GMP´s.